15 macOS Tips & Tricks You NEED TO KNOW!

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macOS is an amazing operating system with a long history and tons of great features, however, not all of these features aren’t immedietly apparent to new users who may just be purchasing a new Mac for the first time, especially with the recent release of the popular M1 Macs. For this video, I go over 15 tips and tricks that should help out new Mac users, and some that may even surprise a few advanced macOS users like how to auto-hide the dock and menu bar, how to master screenshots, organizing your desktop automatically with stacks, using your iPhone or iPad as a scanner, batch rename files, and more!

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  1. I like the corners and recording

  2. This might be the most useful Mac Tips&Tricks video I've ever seen. Thank you Greg!

  3. why did u say when the man put the dock in the right hand, he is crazy LOL

  4. Thanks, Greg! I've had a Mac for 7 years but this was helpful with the new software! 🙂

  5. How do I delete messages 😭

  6. The scanning trick is a game changer. Don’t know how I didn’t hear about this before. Thanks

  7. In iWork there will chapters In Software In up in All Devices even iPhone. And You Could Go to Chapter with ShortCuts even in Office. And you Could Also Change Fast the Chapter Name even inside Doc.

  8. Notes In MacOS and EverNote and More could work with Apple Pencil with SideCar. In killer idea.

  9. You Could Enlarge your Emoji in MacOS with Pad with Two Fingers or Mouse. Also in iOS. In killer idea.

  10. The Dock in MacOS will be Clesn Bellow Down for Cleaness also in iOS and iPadOs bellow Down in iOS 16 for More Apps snd it's so Pretty in killer Patent with Small Touch in Down. Tim work. It's Called CleanLine.

  11. iMovie in MacOS will cost 10$ a Month and Can Work with Apple Pencil with SideCar. Work.

  12. For me Tip 11 doesn't work. 🙁

  13. Thank you for this video! very helpful!

  14. this is very helpfull, please make it a series! Hope to use these soon in my new iMac 30´ (?)

  15. Didnt know about mass renaming

  16. Please change the title to “BEGINNER’S GUIDE TO MACOS” ….this video wasted my 20mins…

  17. I wouldn't recommend getting any SSD under 512 GB on Mac or Windows

  18. Excellent, please continue to provide additional tips

  19. Thanks for the Tips& Tricks refresh. I enjoyed your video. Blessings on your day.

  20. Great video! I picked up several new tips, you should do more of these.

  21. Extremely helpful, especially the part about importing photos or scans from iPhone. Wow that will be really helpful. Thanks.

  22. Very useful video, even for an experienced user such as myself

  23. Is that a salmon sashimi small plush by your monitor? Yes, I noticed this in the start of your video to the right of your MB Air =p

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