5 Things you Should do Before Upgrading to Monterey!

Are you ready to make the jump to macOS Monterey? I’ll show you 5 things that you should check before performing a major upgrade!

How to upgrade to macOS Monterey

0:00 Intro
0:19 Using Apple’s Documentation
0:34 Is your Mac Compatible with macOS Monterey?
1:10 Make sure your Mac has enough free space
2:42 Make sure you backup your files using Time Machine
4:37 Are your critical applications compatible with Monterey?
6:08 Make sure you have enough time to perform the upgrade
6:40 Keeping your Mac up-to-date with patches.
7:48 Thank You

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Learn how to download and install macOS Monterey, the latest version of the Mac operating system.

5 Things you Should do Before Upgrading to Monterey!

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This database will contain download links for macOS 12 full Installer pkg files (InstallAssistant.pkg). This file is the same full installer that you would download directly from the App Store for Intel and Apple Silicon M1 Mac Computers. The InstallAssistant.pkg is stored on Apple’s servers and contains the full “Install macOS.app”. Once downloaded, all you need to do is install the pkg and the full installer of macOS will be in your applications folder. This change was made when Apple revised the full installer for Big Sur. The InstallAssistant.pkg is not available for Catalina or Mojave.

– Apple Mac Enterprise IT Blog & macOS News for MacAdmins


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  1. is it mandatory to connnect power cable ? while updating?

  2. Spot on help, thank you… subbed.

  3. Hey Mr. Macintosh – thanks a lot for the video, Waiting for the OCLP 0.3.1 version – can you cover the boot loop problem in the next video…. Thanks in advance

  4. Hello how are you?

    I recently saw your video teaching you how to upgrade a macbook pro 2012 to big sur using Opencore, I did that and it worked.

    I wonder if I can just normally upgrade to Monterrey using apple's own system preferences.

    Would you help me?

    Would it be a problem?

  5. If you search for 'Universal Control' in the System Preferences window and click the result, it takes you to Displays.. but if you hold CMD it will actually take you to Displays as well as throw a prompt to enable UC Beta… although the checkbox does not work for me at this time. But I did have a mini heart attack when it popped up.

  6. Hi Mr Macintosh. Would you be able to show us, how to properly upgrade from an unsupported Mac (i.e. MacBook Pro late 2013) with the latest Big Sur on board, to Monterey using the newest OCLP 0.3.2 with its expanded menu? There’s lots of options, which ones should be ticked, which ticked off. I will really appreciate that.

  7. I used OpenCore patcher 3.1 to upgrade 3 MacBook Pros. A 2009 13 inch, a 2010 15 inch and a 2012 15 inch. All 3 work flawlessly with Monterey. They actually seem to be running smoother and faster. Thanks for all the instructions to help make this happen.

  8. @Mr. Macintosh, do you have an estimation of the performance impact of installing Monterey on a 13 inch (2014) macbook pro? i mean, could there be an improvement because of better drivers etc, or is it bound to be a worse performance because of montereyi simply been made for much faster cpus? Many thanks for any input. Regards

  9. Nice one Mr. Macintosh! One question – how much time do you recommend as enough time to reserve for the upgrade?

  10. Are you going to do a new OCLP os monterey video on unsupported macs this weekend Mr Macintosh?..I need to see a newer easier way if possible and i need to see how to upgrade to monterey if your using patched sur ok!…tks so much…

  11. When I installed Montery, will Macbook will automatelly delete old versions?

  12. @Mr. Macintosh Btw are these macs your are borrowing the macs

  13. Great tips Thanks 👍🏼

  14. I am a little weary to make the jump. I have the 2015 (late 2105) 21 inch iMac – which had worked just fine before Big Sur update, and then I noticed that the computer that used to work for me, made me work for it – by constantly restarting, dealing with freezing, crashing etc. I am thinking though – and by following the steps in this video, that I will have hopefully done the upgrade correctly without too many issues.

  15. excellent advice and very clear instruction! thank you 🙂

  16. Excellent technical advice!

  17. Any SSD/HDD External for backup?

  18. Has anyone upgraded to Monterey on a MBP 2015? How's it performing compared to Big Sur?

  19. Hey i got a question, is it possible to upgrade from the big sur open core patcher, to monterey open core patcher ? my mac is fully supported so no problems there (MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012), 16gb ram, 500GB ssd)

  20. Creative Cloud and apps like Bridge, Photoshop, etc. are working perfectly in Monterey 😊

  21. Thank you Mr mac! The video i've been waiting for

  22. Watching this after updating to Monterey 😂😂

  23. On two macbooks (intel and M1) that were on Big Sur 11.6 I had to upgrade them first to Big Sur 11.6.1 and then to Monterey. I tried several times to upgrade them directly from Big Sur 11.6 ro Monterey and I was always getting an error. After both were upgraded to 11.6.1, the Monterey installation went on smoothly at first time. I don't know why.

  24. I’ve MBP 2011 running on Bug Sur 11.6 with OpenCore Legacy Patcher. How can I update to Monterey?

  25. @Mr. Macintosh: Am i qualified to upgrade? I'm currently on Big Sur in my MBP early 2011 under OpenCorePatcher. Under system preferences, I have notification that I have Software Update for Monterey. Is it okay to proceed under my non-metal machine, early2011 Macbook pro? Appreciate any swift reply. Thanks.

  26. waiting for OCLP 3.1 tutorial, thank you Mr Macintosh!

  27. The package "%@" is missing or invalid …. MacBook Air m1

  28. Magnificent! Thank you Mr. Macintosh, "Simply the Best" Mr. Macintosh, for the ones that we have Big Sur with open core, and we don't want to move to Monterrey and want to keep updating Big Sur, how do we accomplish this?

  29. Can't wait for your OCLP 3.1 tutorial, thank you Mr Macintosh!

  30. Thanks Mr Macintosh. Have you ever done a video on your tech background at all? I am sure many of your viewers would find that interesting if you have not.

  31. Thanks Mr. Mac! I'm filing this video away until I'm ready to upgrade. 👍🏼

  32. How about unsupported Mac news?

  33. Thanks so much for the tips. You know what's funny? When you showed the Creative Cloud Requirements and it didn't have Monterey listed (earlier today I had upgraded the app), I then checked the Adobe website and it now states something different than what was shown to you, "macOS Catalina (version 10.15) or later", applicable for October 2021 release (version 11.0) and later. I don't know if we found different pages from Adobe or if they updated their site after you last checked. Anyway, thanks again. 🙂

  34. Hi, I just want to say that your channel is one of the most interesting and useful for my own Mac adventures. Thanks to you I was able to upgrade an early 2009 iMac, after I'd given up on it being still useful.

    Now I'm going to have a crack at installing Monterey final under VMWare. I'll use tutorials for previous versions as a guide – wish me luck!

  35. Updating to MacOS Monterey will also delete my data or not e.g, my desktop ,apps and downloads ?

  36. Another great video! Thanks Mr. Macintosh. Have a great day bud!