7 macOS Catalina Tips You Should Know!

macOS Catalina, which came out on Monday, is the newest version of the operating system that runs on the Mac. Catalina brings some significant changes, including the removal of the iTunes app, a new Sidecar feature, an updated Find My app, and more.

In our latest YouTube video and in the article below, we’re going to go over some must-know macOS Catalina features that will be useful to those who have just updated and want to familiarize themselves with the changes.

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  1. "unsubscribe" = no more spammy emails. That's not how spam works. I do appreciate having the button for the law-abiding spammers.Other spammers see the unsubscribe requests and yell "we got a live account here! Sell that email address to advertisers & hackers as many times as possible!".

  2. Useless and shitty video. Just like the useless shitty syncing “feature” for iOS devices in Catalina.

  3. do any of you use line? its a chat app popular in asia. in mac os catalina, video call doesnt work. i really need it! help!

  4. Catalina is a great mistake. Photoshop becomes useless. It took me 1 1/2 day to install a clean Mojave and everything else I use.

  5. mounting eternal drive isn't working with Catalina. should I downgrade to the previous version?

  6. Sure would like to have "Back to my Mac" back

  7. Sidecar is only good for macbook pros designed after 2016.

  8. Will I lose my movie playlist?

  9. Ohh nice shinny new stupid shit that nobody asked for or maybe they did, anyways im really pissed about this stupid update because for ppl like me that dont have time to keep track on whats the new developers toy gonna do to your computer and then you trust blindly into , "well its gonna be ok right", now i cant use my daily apps cause well i guess fuck me for no being a freaky mac horny boy to be waiting for some patch notes or whatever they do, fucking hell i didnt even get a warning message of you know, "hey you idiot, check out your apps cause next OS is not gonna be compatible with some of them" or maybe during attempting instalation, but no , fuck the customer i guess. Fuck mac , Fuck this stupid Catalina shit and Fuck everyone that says otherwise.

  10. Hmmm … my Catalina and my iPadOS13 get not connected. (They’re both on the same LAN and BT is also (both) on.
    How does that work ?

  11. This was a great summary.. Thank you.

  12. if you are going to SHOW Finder for the view which shows how your iPhone will appear, why not enable a little more width to the column ?
    Instead of 4 to 6 characters . . ."Dan'" is all we saw of your iPhone.
    not a good way to show the 'feature'…… really ……

  13. its been possible before catalina to unlock your mac with an applewatch 🙂

  14. Photos "showcases all your best photos front-and-center." How does Photos decide which are my "best?"

  15. 8GB, upgrade 3 times and never done, i’m waiting for too long but no result.. upgrade insane..

  16. Well that got a BIG YAAAWWN outta m.

  17. Is the apple watch "unlock apps" feature not compatible with all Apple watches and/or Macs? I don't see the option on mine! 0:52

  18. Does the chapter selection in the Tv app still present?

  19. Sidecar doesn’t work with all the Macs

  20. Is There sidecar on iMac? Thanks

  21. iPad case are you using on your iPad? Is it for the iPad Pro?

  22. Thanks lot for kind and interesting explanation for Catalina macOS update

  23. Is this as epic as the Catalina Wine Mixer?

  24. When i use Sidecar, just before the screen extends to my iPad, the screen flashes with RED background. Is it a bug in Catalina?

  25. Question: is music on Catalina the same thing as the music app on IOS 13?

  26. Great video! Question: I can't get AirPlay to stay on. Is it required to have Apple TV? If so, I don't have. All my Apples are on the latest software updates.

  27. Stupid macOS Catalina delete all files and folders from Notes.. who has tested this MacOs he/she must be a lazy person after all. Come on Apple

  28. Wow! I didn’t know the picture in picture feature from safari! It’s a cool one.

  29. Some of these things don’t work on older Mac’s !!!

  30. This video needs to be updated to warn folks with older Macs that Sidecar is NOT supported.

  31. Heads up to anyone who might need to hear this:

    Update Little Snitch before you update to Catalina. There's a bug in Catalina that borks Little Snitch if it isn't already updated, and you have to go through this whole annoying recovery mode process to fix it.

  32. dont forget to make a video to help everyone downgrade to Mojave again once they release how crap Catalina is.

  33. Use all these Features already with lots and lots of bugs in Beta version. I swear never ever going to install beta version of any software on my main machine

  34. How many fucking Mac OS updates did I miss??? I think I’m still on Serrah or whatever the desert one was 💀😂😂

  35. Is it possible to connect to an iTunes Library on a server, that is running macOS High Sierra? 
    If not, this would be a dealbreaker for me.

  36. "The music app has your personal music library" – sure but without all the artwork and as I can clearly see on the apple forums I'm not the only one with that problem. I have over 2000 CD's in there and now I have to upload all that artwork again – thanks a lot apple.

  37. Dope thanks! 👍🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾

  38. What iPad Pro Case is that?

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