8 South Park Episodes Censored and BANNED from TV (Tooned Up S4 E15)

8 South Park Episodes Censored and BANNED from TV (Tooned Up S4 E15)

South Park is notorious for pushing the limits of censorship on TV, but there have been some instances when they’ve HAD to be censored completely! This is South Park episodes that were completely CENSORED from TV!

Were there any episodes we missed?!

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  1. ChannelFrederator

    What other shows should we cover for CENSORED episodes? Let us know!

  2. I don’t understand the censorship in the Netherlands. “Episode not PC enough”? That’s not very specific.

  3. For those of you who are mad, its because us Muslims really do not like our prophet being shown.!or any assumptions

  4. Just SHUT UP and play the videos

  5. How to see if you’re really famous
    1. You get movie deals
    2. You’re a guest at any award ceremony (Emmy’s, academy awards etc.)
    3. South Park makes fun of you

  6. it's always the religious people crying can't your take a joke.

  7. random individual

    South Park used the 1st Amendment to it's fullest.

  8. Grandpa's Stoned_again

    20 years and still in elementary school😂 says alot about Colorado education system 🤣🤣

  9. Christopher Jordan


  10. Stan calling Tom Cruise a fudge packer started “Cancel Culture”

  11. Juan Diego Torres

    What about season 11 episode 1? The one where Randy says the N word? That one must've been taken out recently cause i had to watch it online

  12. Dion St. Michael

    South Park is the ONLY mainstream media television I watch anymore. No joke.

  13. always the middle east getting offended over a religion

  14. Is there a way to find the fully banned episodes?

  15. Freedom of speech only exist in the USA you hot pockets better feel lucky

  16. Jimmydoesstuff 1122

    Season 5 episode 3 isn’t available for streaming on HBO max

  17. I would be honored getting flamed by South park

  18. religion of peace my @$$…funny note look what happened in Texas during a depict muhammed contest. tldr it didn’t go well for the terrorists

  19. I've seen super best friends uncensored not even bad Muslims have to be the most easily offended race

  20. Some cultures just like to ban humor. They want you to suffer.

  21. I love South Park but if any of their episodes are over the top, I just don't watch those ones. Don't threaten people and complain about it because the show is meant to be offensive and over the top.

  22. Grandpa's Stoned_again

    I still have to LMFBO about trapped in the closet 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Funny thing my old lady is in that Cult_ture🤣🤣🤣

  23. i’m happy to say that I seen all these uncensored

  24. Crave should put these episodes on their service I just realized crave tv has 5 of the 8 banned episodes they should put the other 3 on there

  25. I still want to know what Kyle said at the end of 201 and all the other speeches that were bleeped out

  26. They should make something about holucast, That the only topic they've left so far.. It would be interesting..!

  27. 3 years old and still a good vid 👍

  28. They can make fun of me anytime.

  29. Christ is the ONLY WAY to heaven!!!!

  30. Andrew Attenborough sick ward nation paranormal

    one of my favourite shows after 24 years and still great except they don’t release new episodes very often

  31. I find myself more offended by the gross, graphic, and violent humor that most times goes a little over the top.

  32. I thought that they banned the troll series in Denmark

  33. The Mexican flag thing is just ridiculous.
    It’s a flag for Christ’s sake.

  34. Where can I watch South Park ep 200 and 201

  35. Mr games And vlogs

    I have a dvd with Super Best Friends on it.

  36. the irregular world

    Wait that's illegal

  37. Novice noob tube

    Woah pinewood Derby was banned? I saw that episode on air like 2 years ago

  38. in french canada we got the uncensored version. it only aired once

  39. Just let Alah punish them, he doesn't need your help.

  40. samsamwillswills

    You can still easily find super best friends completely uncensored. Unfortunately not the case for 200/201

  41. I think Bloody Mary was one of the first episodes I watched 😂

  42. Wait if we see Muhammad won’t we die?

  43. Winnie The Pooh And Eeyore 2

    So basically the world is still being held hostage by religious extremists from all sides.

  44. Season 9 episode 4 and the "Cartoon Wars" episodes (3 & 4 on season 10) "can't be seen at the moment" on southparkstudios.nu.

    It's the good old "religion of peace" once again, yes.

  45. My mom said if I am watching cartoon like south park and there our prophet Muhammad just cover them with anything or hand.

  46. there is an uncensored version of super bestfriends

  47. And yet they don't cencor cannibilsm