90+ New Changes & Features in macOS Mojave

macOS Mojave is more than just a new dark mode, stacks on the desktop, dynamic wallpapers, and new apps. There are more than 90 changes (so far) new in Apple’s latest desktop operating system.

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  1. Akon? Is that you talking?

  2. Voice over much too fast!

  3. Any split view screen problems? can't make it work now! help!

  4. Thank you for this 16 minute overview of the 90 + changes. Hard to do without it being boring.

  5. where is the calculator and calendar i used to get by swiping right?

  6. Great video just updated my MacBook and this help me discover new features. Thanks

  7. This is not even working!!! Updated this and its Keep logging me out….cant even use my computer enymore

  8. Chrome has had the website icons on tabs for a very very long time…in full color too…so not sure what you were saying when you flat out said chrome didn't have them when you talked about Safari FINALLY getting it.

  9. No Mojave for me. My 2011 i7 quad-core 3.4GHz iMac with 16GB of RAM is considered too poorly specified to run it, but yet my son's much less powerful 2012 non-retina 13" i5 MacBook Pro can have it. Something fishy there IMO. Just built-in obsolescence to make people needlessly buy new kit, because give it two years (at most) and all the latest updates of production software I use like FCP and LPX will need Mojave or later to run. Don't believe me? Watch this space.

  10. Damn your voice so sucks

  11. Am so excited to get this update. am hoping soon, bc am tired of waiting of the final public release. thx for the extremely useful video, u guys are awesome.

  12. the hair on the screen got me tripping

  13. What an awful voiceover 😖

  14. Can you speak English? Your voice mangled all your words.

  15. Are you planning to put out a version of this video in English?

  16. How do you lock the file? I wasn't sure how to do that?..

  17. Apple and Queen. Great combo.

  18. Where do you get screen recording from? I have the laptop without touchbar

  19. Anyone that uses the system Desktop Image is leading a very sad life.

  20. Can you run iOS apps on the Mojave?