A Grand Tour Of Apple's Classic Mac OS 9 (Circa 1999)

Mac OS 9 is the final major release of Apple’s “Classic” Mac OS. Introduced on October 23, 1999, Apple positioned it as “The Best Internet Operating System Ever,” highlighting Sherlock 2’s Internet search capabilities, integration with Apple’s free online services known as iTools and improved Open Transport networking.

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  1. I remember back in elementary school we played Bugdom on iBooks. Miss those days lol!

  2. till this day (using Mac OS Catalina right now) I always miss Mac OS 9 simplicity. The status bar and the extensions has been by far the best programming decision it was so easy to fix all your problems moving extensions that I don't know why it doesn't exist anymore!! and the speed! We are talking about a slow processor era and the Mac surpass the PC is speed like crazy. I start my Apple life with a PowerMac G3 233mhz with Mac OS 8 the Mac OS 9 was a game changer!

  3. With regard to opening Finder folders, I believe there was a system setting to turn on/off opening in new windows. Might be wrong, but don't remember that behavior. I do know for a fact that you can hold down the option key when double clicking a folder to close the parent folder's window, though.

  4. I like apple but support was really short. For example with windows xp which came out in 2001 you could still EASILY use in 2011. As every program ik of worked for 6yo me, my school, and my family. It was still supported. Lets just say I bought a imac g3 in 2001 for $1300 I would stop having supported for mac os AFTER 4 YEARS. I'm actually gonna buy a macbook soon as now you have 7-8 years of getting the latest os plus 2 years of security updates. I definitely see why macs weren't as popular by then. Btw my school had g4's until last year in one classroom. They were so slow and the class it was in didn't require a computer to use for lessons. But still for student usage like browsing the internet these things were to old.

  5. Damn I miss that 🙁
    Except for the bomb message when you had to restart your Mac

  6. I want one where can I buy an iBook G3 ???

  7. The Finder may spawn multiple windows, but it was due to its spatial nature. It's actually a very well-thought out design and to this day many people still find it superior to the macOS 10 Finder. The basic idea is a spatial Finder was the interface. There was no thinking about windows, files, etc. Your files and the Finder window were the same. Finder windows remembered their size, position and view. It makes a lot more sense in the context of classic Mac OS which was always striving for appliance-like functionality (i.e. the interface is the computer).

  8. Was this filmed on a windy day?

  9. Thank God Steve Jobs came back!!

  10. I love it when a someone who sounds like a kid is explaining an OS probably is as old as he is.

  11. The last update of Classilla was probably from 2014.

  12. Why, after all these years, it is still Mac OS 10? It's 10.8 .9 .10. 11.so on and so on? Should it be like Mac OS 15 by now?

  13. this is the OS the computers in my High School had..
    they were all Mac Pro G3s or iMac G3s
    there was only 1 G4 and it was used for Video editing majors

  14. It's been 1/3rd the time from when this video was made till now as the length of time between Mac OS 9 release to when the video was made

  15. I remember watching those video channels and movie trailers in quicktime as well.
    My family had a cable modem when they first came out so it worked pretty good.

  16. Classilla is a much better browser for OS 9, I use it and it can handle sites half way decently actually. It can do enough to google stuff and read articles, but that's about it.



  19. Can Mac OS 9 run software from OS 8 and System 7?

  20. Mac OS 9 was, imho, the ultimate GUI. Mac OS X offered many technical advantages obviously, but the GUI was a step back in some ways.

  21. You can Run It On G5

  22. Quicktime was not equivalent to flash in purpose or intent. Quicktime was one of the first (if not possibly THE first) multimedia applications available, starting as early as Windows 3 and Mac (I believe os 7). It's primary purpose was to play full motion video which when it came out was a pretty big deal at the time. As it evolved they added more features such as pulling content from the web, and including it as a "plugin" which would be about the only thing it has in common with Flash. Flash originally from Macromedia (if my memory isn't failing too much) was more of a vector based motion that was scriptable, and at least the first uses I was introduced of Flash was a way to make much more interactive web sites… at the time it was so over the top since most web sites were VERY static with heavy uses of .gif for animation, that a site built with Flash was very impressive. It was a couple revisions later, I think after Adobe took it over that Flash finally gained the ability to playback full motion video.

  23. i have the ibook g3 lime se 466mhz the rarest ibook

  24. Ah, the good ole days.

  25. I know this because i have an early powerbook g3 with mac os 9.0.0 on it

  26. its not the status bar at the bottom, its at the control strip, the top is the menu bar too.

  27. Dude is there a storm in your room?

  28. Spotlight search pretty much does the same thing as the old Sherlock software and probably then some.

  29. Does TenFourFox work for os9? If I'm not mistaken, it allows for modern web browsing on Old G3s and G4s.

  30. Back in Elementary school they had iMac's with this OS. Then they switched to Windows 🙁

  31. 03:18
    Neither, actually. Apple included IE as the default browser at a part of deal with MS to guarantee the development for Office for mac, plus a small investment from MS. Not making a browser was not a result of lack of skills or funds.

  32. lucky you got one o den ibooks

  33. lucky you got one o den ibooks

  34. why didn't you show the little Luncher window there is a little window that gose on top of the dock with different tabs like app doc internet ect I don't rember if you have to customize those tabs or not but it was a little window that would pop up when you booted in to os 9. I rember playing some games that came with the computer and they be in the launcher window. they were just the pangeasoft games the ones that apple partnered with pangeasoft to make to have stock 3d games on there computer to compeat with windows stock card game.

  35. lucky you got one o den ibooks

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