alice god of lifesteal build be like:

#mlbb #memes #meme


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  1. Loh kok gw makai gk sakit ya?

  2. What's the bg song name ?

  3. It is because of gap level😪

  4. Hi can you add subtitles

  5. Can you do thamuz next please

  6. U never show full gameplay

  7. "Hello police? i saw a walking fanny"

  8. Backround sound name ?

  9. Only Thamuz is God of lifesteal

  10. alice main hereee nice one catto <333

  11. imagine if allice's passive was changed to hylos passive

  12. Use all of the life steal build

  13. Can you do a dyrroth god of lifesteal build pls 🥺

  14. Alice's build is ok but the emblem is wrong she is use mystery shop than a magic worship

  15. thank you daddy for this builds..

  16. I love this music but until now i don't know the title can someone told me the title?

  17. Alice main here. Thanks for sharing the build. Can't wait to try!

  18. Catto her history be Like: