Apple M1X MacBook Pro – GOOD NEWS!

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Why This Makes Sense IMO 00:57
References To 120Hz Within macOS Monterey 01:11
Why Do We Need ProMotion On The MacBook? 01:48
Will ProMotion Affect Battery Life? 02:21
Apple Needs To Differentiate The MacBook Air + Pro 02:53
Why We Might Not See 120Hz 03:24
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Apple’s ‘Unleashed’ Oct 18th Event CONFIRMED!


iPod touch 8th Gen – 2021 RELEASE?

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  1. Do you think we'll see 120Hz displays on the M1X MacBook Pro?

  2. Actually it's a M1 pro and max

  3. This guy is talking like a news reporter 😅

  4. make the 16inch 17inch, that would be awesome again

  5. Every Apple "Pro" device released this year has 120hz. It wouldn't make sense for them to release it without 120hz.. especially if the panel already has the tech. Next year the M2X MBPs may be just a chip upgrade year, but people are still going to buy them in groves.

  6. TLDR; noting new, just skip it.

  7. I hope they WONT release mini LED displays cuz I will be using a monitor anyway so I don't wanna pay extra for a premium display

  8. Hmm… I have to agree with the Devil's advocate. I'm also trying to keep my expectations low. I don't want to be disappointed next week lol

  9. Now that I have time to analyze the trend that apple has been executing for the last few years,

    I think m2 Mac Pro are gonna have a upgradeable/swappable CPU with all the dram built into the cpu.

    Imagine upto 2TB M2Z CPU with 40Cores and 128Cores GPU chipsets.BGA

    That’s gonna be epic.

    The target market of users willing to swap CPU/iGPU/RAM in one package is credible. Money is no object to them. Only performance.

    Can still be compatible with MPX

  10. Had Apple the entire PC market, delaying features into later models would be a strategy for sustaining sales over a longer period. And in a sense, they do in that the Mac customer base may have not grown much historically, However, Apple’s better play at attempting to increase market share would be to keep stacking desirable features into this model to woo new customers. Just my opinion.

  11. Timothy, please don’t disappoint us like you did on the new 24” iMac 🙏🏻

  12. Apple normally leaves some room for improvement in its products. Right now the New MBPs seem to perfectly have everything. So if we didn’t end up getting all the stuff on Monday, don’t be disappointed

  13. All I can say: My saved money in the bank is getting bored – it has to be "unleashed"!!! 🚀🚀🚀

  14. I've got two queries! 1) Will it support dual display? 2) Can we play high end games?

  15. I think apple would bring the Center stage mode to the MacBook’s💻 camera

  16. Not between 10hz and 120hz?

  17. will the macbooks be available for order as soon as its announced in the oct event?

  18. Any difference between Mini LED and OLED ?

  19. Any chance we get 1 or 2 USB-A ports? That is probably the one port I use on the daily

  20. Bring on the 120hz display 😎

  21. If they can pull it off, then ok..

  22. If the New MacBook Pro has ProMotion, MiniLED, M1X and more ports,
    I might have to switch from windows to Mac

  23. It would be great if these get bootcamp assistant support, it would be great for gaming with miniLED and ProMotion along with the M1X beast

  24. I BET the Touch Bar will be on the next Airs.

  25. Take the main report with a very small grain of salt😂😂

  26. Do you think the invite hints at new colors coming to the MacBooks?

  27. I hope Promotion gets announced on these new mbp 🤞🏻. Ross Young is pretty credible 😁

  28. Hi what do you think the base pricing will be?

  29. I’m really looking forward to face id, 120hz, the return of the magnetic charging cable(whatever they call it this time) and other ports i.e. sd card..etc.

  30. iPad Pro has ProMotion, iPhone Pro has ProMotion, so it makes sense that the MacBook Pro will have ProMotion.

  31. I am Not Surprised given their Windows
    counterparts come with 144Hz, 165Hz
    and even 240Hz Refresh Rate Displays
    with Discrete Graphics Cards. 🤷‍♀️

  32. Guess my iPad Pro will be deemed obsolete now? Thanks, Apple! macOS is clearly ahead of iPadOS, and I don’t use my Apple Pencil as much as I’ve anticipated. ProMotion needs to be on the Mac.

  33. The MacBook feature I’m really waiting for is Face ID and who knows how far out that is. I also want to see Apple experiment and innovate with laptop keyboards.

    Imagine a glass surface with a software keyboard featuring advanced taptics. We could finally get a numeric keypad, switch back to the old function keys, and maybe we could even customize the size of our trackpad. Maybe let developers make their own software keyboards and sell them on the App Store? An excellent way to differentiate from the iPad as the iPad will only continue to get better as well. I’m excited about Monday but even more excited about the broader future.

  34. Definitely for increasing battery life as well but the price will go up.

  35. We are so close yet so far ! 😩

  36. Saran mate your channel is booming, pushing 8k subs, congrats 🥳

  37. I'd be very happy if it got it. But wouldn't be a deal breaker for me if it didn't have it.

  38. I’m going to sell my 27 inch iMac 2020!

  39. I can think of two reasons that aren’t gaming related that promotion makes sense for.

    One is increased battery life because the screen is not always refreshing at 60 Hz and the other is for watching an producing film content. As most movies and TV shows are shot anywhere near 60 frames per second lol

  40. There is a rumor that we are getting touchbar in M1X MBP. It's not going away

  41. Will phone carriers sell these?

  42. I’m amazed it’s coming that soon rather than in November. I’ll be ready.

  43. Saran are you going to get an M1X device or does M1 handle all your tasks?

  44. Pro Motion makes all the sense for the sole fact that it dramatically increases battery life (on average) vs 60 hz static.

  45. Oh I’m definitely excited for the 16 inch MacBook Pro with 120 Hz mini LED even though I’m not gonna buy it