Apple MacOS Ventura (Tiết lộ đầy đủ)

At WWDC 2022, Apple shows off its latest version of MacOS, dubbed Ventura. The new OS brings new features like Stage Manager and Spotlight.


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  1. Looking forward to have my computer bricked by this os update

  2. Stage Manager reminds me of Aero Flip (Win key + Tab) in Windows Vista and Windows 7. They both serve similar purpose. Microsoft was ahead of time then.

  3. Feels like a couple years ago when just having a camera on your phone was such an innovation. Look at where we at.

  4. Is there One button FORMAT hard drive? Don't make complicated advance mode FORMAT options. Just one simple format and refresh MACOS install. Full Speed and no problems.

  5. Just bring back quick reply in the iMessage banner. Idgaf about this stage manager

  6. I dislike the location of menu bar. Put it on the bottom right imo. At least give the option of the location

  7. and Mail still inserts attachments in body text 🙁

  8. How is that different from app expose?

  9. Stage Manager on Windows
    1. Click show desktop
    2. Now you can click on whatever windows you need, at the taskbar
    And if you want to minimize one, click the minimize button

  10. nothing when compared to windows 11

  11. Sooooo this is just a windows 95 task bar only less effective use of space?

  12. Stage Manager in iPadOS will be really useful but on MacOS it just adds clutter. As others are saying it should've be combined with the dock.

  13. A terrible waste of screen space. Who designed it? OMG ;D

  14. Dragging files from the desktop on to an app been there since Windows 7 too. Tbh it just highlights how far behind MacOS is for window management.

  15. The Stage Manager App Grouping is a copy of the same feature in Windows 11. It groups apps together you're working on too.

  16. Stage Manager looks neat but do we need ANOTHER way to manage windows? Just let us see our open windows on the dock. Windows cracked it way back with Windows 7. It's simple and it works. No need to use Windows 10's Task View (Mission Control).

  17. happy that i got this update guys were wrong about macos mammoth.

  18. As someone that lives in Ventura County (Oxnard, CA), I wonder what kind of landscape wallpapers they will use.

  19. Still cant drag to snap windows huh

  20. i wonder if intel chip users should stay on catalina or update to ventura

  21. Windows has a lot of this kind of feature updates like this, but no one cares. They really need to work hard on presentation and building community connections

  22. y’all have more than two apps open at a time ?!?!

  23. 22 years since OS X was released and they still can't make an useful task switcher as Windows always had. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a hardcore Windows fan or Linux fan… but they at least have a very useful task switch…. Even the removed Windows Flip was much more useful than this macOS Stage Manager. Mission Control is also useful, but I presume it's the least used function in Mac since many users who comes from Windows find it less handy than Windows Alt-Tab. What Apple should do is to buy Contexts source code to the developers and/or hire them and implement Contexts natively in past today-supported macOS versions and future ones. Contexts it's actually a pretty good task switcher.

  24. Stage is just a more enhanced dock.. not that great as an OS's main feature in my opinion.

  25. pretty disappointing update

  26. OMG that Stage Manager is so useless. Now we have another Dock on the side and waste that useful screen space.
    If you can't invent something good, just copy the competitors.

  27. i am from ventura 🥲

  28. Can we finally open two calculator apps at the same time? 🤣🤣🤣

  29. System Settings look like iPadOS