Apple Releases OS X Lion; New Operating System Borrows From iPhone and iPad Software

The Apple Store is trending on the launch of the computer giantapos;s latest operating system, OS X Lion. Available as a $30 download from the online store, Lion seeks to simplify the personal computer by borrowing from iOS, the software behind the iPhone and iPad. That influence is felt most notably in a new feature called Launchpad, which fills your desktop with a grid of icons you can shuffle around and use to launch programs. Those who want to avoid the 4GB download and also wait out the initial bugs will be able to purchase a USB thumb drive with Lion for $69 sometime in August.


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  1. Help! How can i delete an alias thats in my lunchpad?!

  2. I just installed Lion. It doesn't meet up to all the hype Apple made (but when does it ever?), but it is pretty good. The new Safari's great. The UI takes a bit to get used to, as the multitouch isn't all that customisable, but it runs smoothly after the initial indexing and what not. Be ready for the indexing. The first half hour of Snow Leopard maxes your CPU and fans just about, and seems very sluggish at first.

  3. @PsycoHenny its optional

  4. If the new UI is an option it is absolutely fine but if it permanently replaces the classic Desktop it's just stupid.

  5. @ProdSpace

    You think its a downgrade?

  6. @Neeidea

    Haha try reading it again. I can see 3 question marks and 1 dot. You fail

  7. Anyone wanting to see mac os lion roaming free on an average laptop watch this video , please rate subscribe and show it to your friends!


  8. @RHCPThom They are called full stops and you didn't use them either

  9. @Neeidea

    Woow try using dots and comma's your comment is freaking me out

  10. @RHCPThom I know have you seen all the updates for it you can go full-screen on some things and you can see all your stuff at once how awesome so much better than windows by the way since you seem like a Mac user none of that stuff is that good especially the track pad stuff i mean what id you use a one buttoned mouse

  11. Only 30 dollars? Woow that crazy cheap. Whats Windows these days? About 200 bucks or something right?