Apple's new MacOS Mojave public beta first look

Hands-on with Dark Mode, Gallery View and more of Apple’s hot new features in the MacOS Mojave public beta.

For more on Mojave:

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  1. there is app called screenshot path for changing folders

  2. Do not invert colors in the settings…

  3. is it me or what, it looks a lot like windows 10…

  4. Lame, I bought the new Razer Blaze 15. Worth it.

  5. Waiting for WWDC 2019

  6. * better ,not beta. Please fix the title

  7. Does outlook 2016 for Mac works on Mojave?

  8. so………..when are they gonna make the Mac touchscreen

  9. LOL apple copy windows 10 S bcz this features realise 2017