Apple's next iteration of Mac OS X: Mountain Lion

The Mac OS X Mountain Lion developer preview is here. Check out our first impressions of Apple’s next operating system.


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  1. I wish Mac OS looked like that

  2. So these are the changes Apple is doing in there new OS. PFFFT !

  3. Hopefully FaceTime will soon support group video chat 🙂

  4. I would buy a fucking mac JUST to have a OS with that name! xD

  5. Once again, my hopes for an OS X Kitteh are dashed. 🙁

  6. I think it is exciting, the release of OS X: Mountain Lion. It is only a year after the release of Mac OS X: Lion. I am not expecting a lot but, as I mentioned earlier, I think it is exciting because they are making their products more seamless. I don’t mind that. When iCloud and iOS 5 were released, I was a bit disgruntled because I didn’t think that they were properly integrated into the Mac, e.g. Reminders in iCal. I am more pleased to see that it, Reminders, gets its own application.

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  8. @Stop4MotionMakr
    lol I'm so close to deleting my comment. You are like the 10th person to misunderstand my comment.

    "Integration" meaning "Integrated into Messenger", not by itself as it is on Lion now. (I'm using Lion)


    I did see another person's review and they did show that FaceTime is Integrated into this new Messages app so my comment was answered.

    : )

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  10. @yazpaul Just ask your mom. she'd know.

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  12. @GMasis001 Someone didn't get their Happy meal…

  13. Gate keeper = the net (a movie) gatekeeper (mac) is the opposite of gatekeeper (movie) what gatekeeper (movie) does is that it increases the chance of hackers hacking you…. and stores data on their servers

  14. @PromotingTheBeat There's no need FaceTime has been available on mac for a while now. Lol

  15. lmao… people love to complain but guess what? no one gives a fuck! apple is still gonna sell millions and even if you hate it, other people are gonna love it. so you know what, all you haters can suck on my big meat head.

  16. @PromotingTheBeat Just bcuz they Didn't mention FaceTime integration doesnt mean it won't be there u kno how apple like to surprise people

  17. @dgtronic
    lol You and a few others misunderstood…"Integration" meaning "integrated into the messenger" instead of being a separate app.

    I saw another review that was more in depth that actually did show that FaceTime will be integrated into the messenger app : )

    Still not liking the look of this thing though, looks too big, like Skype o_o

  18. 1:52 What the fuck is with his hand?

  19. @PromotingTheBeat FaceTime is already on mac osx lion !!!!

  20. 1:53 wth is he doing with he's hands?

  21. @PromotingTheBeat facetime was introduced in lion

  22. Wtf, Lion is like only half a year old?!? Come on Apple, this should be a free update!

  23. @PromotingTheBeat That's been there forever…

  24. I wonder what apple would go for after all those cat names…

  25. @PoliticalDestruction i agree its like a service pack..but to be fait i bet this will be as cheap to buy as lion was..all of this is stuff i dont need..but that said i bet ya update anyway 😛

  26. @PromotingTheBeat Apparently FaceTime is integrated in messages.

  27. I like it. Apple always does this little things that make life a lot easier!

  28. Now i'm a strong anti Windows person but it seems like Apple is just releasing updates…simple things that could be added with programs, theres no dramatic improvements in anything like appearance or the way it runs. Windows at least appears new and somewhat different despite the fact it won't work half the time you need it. Oh and Linux has had all of these new features for a few years now…Apple i wanna see something new!