Arming Ukraine (CBS self-censored documentary, 2022, 23 min)

Arming Ukraine (CBS self-censored documentary, 2022, 23 min)

CBS aired this documentary about U.S. weapons getting lost in the Ukraine a few days ago, and then removed it, because the Biden government didn’t agree with it, or something. Since it’s no longer available at CBS, we are re-uploading it here. (Who knows how long it will be allowed to stay.) According to the documentary, less than 30% of the weapons arrive at their destination. But the rest?

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  1. Thank you

  2. Glory to Ukraine!

  3. "All according to (CIA) plan"…..

  4. they forgot to mention the nazi units that are receiving weapons from the west

  5. They forgot to mention the CIA instigated regime change in 2014, and the 15,000 Ukrainians in the east killed by the Ukraine govt since then.

  6. Send us more weapons so that I can personally make billions (V. Zelensky)

  7. It's all about gangsters. Big gangsters, small gangsters, east gangsters, west gangsters….

  8. Donna Creative Blessings

    To help Ukraine defend its "freedom & sovereignty" what a joke.

  9. @21:49 "We are in the middle of nowhere. Its just Donbas. Who the fu-k does such a thing? It just makes no sense whatsoever."
    Well Ukrainians have been bombing the Donbass region since 2014.

  10. 480p? REALLY?

  11. Ukraine’s were force to fight lol.

  12. The insanity of the last line…"this is why we need to win the war".

    Sorry buddy, there is no winning this war. It's a war of attrition now, and always was going to be. You either call a truce now or annihilate the planet. There is NO winning.

  13. Halfway in, this is just newer propaganda. Everyone knew from the start that these weapons would end up in the bandera gangs. So why would they not use that now (or two months ago) as another layer? And it is almost kindergarten-level communications. But man, ow, man, dem feelz, huh.. It's all about dem feelz..

  14. Jeb Putina …..

  15. Russian propaganda at its best try harder kremlin bots

  16. his NGO is simply a target claiming not to be a target.. you chose a side..

  17. If you don't follow the Narrative, you will be Black – ball. Just watching the News in America and searching for the truth. The news on CNN, MSNBC, Fox News it doesn't, jive like we are being Con. By the best media money can buy!!!

  18. Bloginton Blakley

    Even in this documentary they lie about the facts. Russia annexed Crimea after a public referendum in Crimea. The so called rebel force that occupied Donbas were ethnic Russians who lived in the area supported the legitimate duly elected government of Ukraine.

    The government that the USA backed a color revolution to overturn in 2014. A color revolution led by Nazis. Who true to form began their reign in the country by burning peaceful protesters alive.

  19. Bloginton Blakley

    The USA is being looted by it's own leaders.

  20. share it everywhere!

  21. Aren't these US/UK/EU weapons arriving in Ukraine and the biolabs all over the place the very reasons Russia had to attack? 😇

  22. Thomas Doubting

    A weak tv segment, I'm not suprised it got pulled. 🤮
    Open ended questions, speakover lines without folowups, intervjues with NGO that should not be privie to information they are being asked about…

    Hears a more formal breakdown and followup with the "Blue-Jellow" guy.

  23. Enrique Esparza

    Ukraine will retake their country, Russia will be put in their place, and the US will remain on top. Sorry, but everyone else is no.2🤷‍♂️ got a problem with that, take it up with the Pentagon!

  24. already has it somewhere in portuguese or subtitled in portuguese

  25. TwilightOfMoore1

    Cheers Tom for uploading this. Heard about it a wee while ago but never seen then.
    But to be honest it was really painful to watch it with that massive propaganda in it.

  26. Marianna Chartier

    How sick are these people? 🤢🤮

  27. I'll side with Putin and the Russians on this one. You people siding with the Ukrainians are modernist, globalist, "great reset", "build back better", Joe Biden propaganda suckers. Wake up meat heads! 🇷🇺

  28. acktion jackson

    Anybody notice the green tape around the arm of their uniforms? Pretty sure that's on there to cover up the Nazi symbolism so nobody in the West see it.

  29. So I guess Bidden and the Dems don't think that the climate is in very much danger other wise they wouldn't be sending Ukraine a bunch of arsenals that are clearly not good for the environment . Yes it's all just a game about how much money they can steel of us . Every thing is a game to them .

  30. They are going to have a Ukranian civil war. It wouldn't surprise me one bit. 2500 soldiers, all from 1 small region were pushed, unprepared with no air covered to the slaughter in 1 day. 1 day.

  31. Angelina Mayorova

    "we're in the middle of Donbass"… "who does such a thing?"….!!?? I fell under the table laughing…. and it's also very sad that you saying that:) what? you don't know? creators had to know that, they are fooling their viewers …. Ukraine government did, and was doing for soooo long, because inconvenient people had lived there…

  32. Perhaps they removed it because it was debunked? Good journalists will edit or remove their work if their sources are discredited or new facts come to light. You are promoting it without having verified it independently. That's not credible.

  33. Andreas Persson

    Mighty fine propaganda in the end, lets take a shot of me standing infront of this ruined building and indirect saying Russia is responsible for this without us having any facts why the building was bombed and by whom. I bet some Russians soldiers are not saints, but the way western media is trying to paint the Ukraines as the holy saints is just laughable, they are just some bloodthirsty thugs that been given power since the 2014 coup and gladly killed Russians, and now they whine when getting spanked as they deserve. At the moment we sacrifice all western society for one country over some bullshit United states of America started with Nato.

  34. Pfff Amnesty International is a JOKE. should if skipped them.

  35. Aardvark Biscuit

    Got to laugh at the guy at the end who asks "who does such a thing?" in front of a bombed out residential building that has all its balconies obviously fortified as fighting positions. The West is retarded.

  36. In a socio-economic system like the one we live under, War tends to be inevitable, unfortunately.
    War definitely is big big business, just look at shares of the biggest arms companies (just follow the money as it had been said many times). Another example is money donations, if the money will be used say to buy weapons or any other war-gear why not go directly to the arms companies and get them to donate? Millions of dollars are given away to the war effort but it is used to make a few people rich (owners of war-related industries) and more in control of any given society.

    Not to mention that many of these wars could be avoided but instead are deliberately caused to happen thanks to the propaganda of the people in power (from all sides of any war I guess). World War 1 could have been avoided, World War 2 could definitely been avoided but the allies pushed Germany towards an economic disaster. This war in Ukraine could have been avoided too. All these Intelligence services seem to lack real intelligence lol (maybe their names should change to better reflect what they actually are)

    People in power live off war and big financial gains are made from it, it's not even a secret anymore. Who ends up paying for it (in all ways, be it financial or in terms of human lives), the average Joe. The average person goes to war at the command of those in power and their own selfish interests, the average person loses their life in war and eventually the average person ends up bearing most, if not all, financial burdens of war, be it in the present or in the future

    That being said, we definitely need to transition to a new socio-economic system (I mean new system and not any of the systems of the past or present like Socialism, Capitalism, Barter, Communism, Anarchy, Monarchy etc) based mainly on Cooperation instead of Competition and where all the world resources are commonly shared and distributed equitably to avoid shortages and maintain an abundance as much as possible

  37. Slava the Military Industrial Complex

  38. SV U R Š K A SV U R Š K A

    Kupchan and the CFR are the boogeymen in the room. Every time I see that man I know lies and misrepresented facts are incoming. 4 minutes in I was literally laughing. 5 mins. in… I'd heard enough and shut it off. They all act as though this was a surprise. Oh, the horror, right? Evil Russia. Blah,blah,blah. Kupchan, Nuland, Kagen, and all the rest need to be charged and jailed. Won't happen but I can dream that one day we'll be done with them.

  39. Not surprised this got banned, far too honest!

  40. So full of propaganda as well, but well done Tom, had heard of this production though they the MSM have said there are no more issues about delivery anymore as apposed to the original stating only 30% arrives at the front.

  41. CBS is like RUSSIATODAY now 🙂

  42. NATO is walking a tightrope, made of dental floss, with glass slippers covered in Teflon… blindfolded and backwards.
    There’s a fine-line between taunting the Russian Federation’s military and going out of your way to win a Darwin Award.
    “You can only sweep so much under a rug, before people begin to notice a bulge.”

  43. Kazimierz Salewicz

    What a hypocrisy ! Dogs of war are making money by providing arms to Ukrainian forces fighting not for Ukraine, but for US interests. And naive Ukrainians are sacrificing their lives in the interest of the West who is not interested in any democracy there, but in squeezing as much money as they can from this poor country. What a shame !

  44. Don't be misled. FACT: No evidence of weapons gone missing.

  45. Don't you love how they call the people of the Donbass " Occupiers" ? What a wanker.

  46. Perhaps CBS removed it because it was entirely misleading. How, you ask? Check this:

  47. This is the original or the censored?
    The tittle made me confuse