Best New macOS Ventura Features!

Apple on Monday introduced macOS Ventura, the newest version of the operating system that runs on the Mac. Set to come out this fall, ‌macOS Ventura‌ is currently available to developers, so we thought we’d take a deep dive to show all of the new features that are in the update.

This video highlights Stage Manager, FaceTime Handoff, Continuity Camera, and more.

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0:00 – Intro
0:10 – Stage Manager
0:52 – Spotlight
1:20 – Mail
1:46 – FaceTime
2:05 – Continuity Camera
3:16 – Clock and Weather Apps
3:39 – New Settings App
3:57 – Safari Updates
4:44 – OWC Sponsor

This video is sponsored by OWC. For more information about OWC and the MiniStack STX visit


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  1. This should be a .1 update

  2. One thing that would be nice but will likely never be implemented is Apple bringing the settings/preference changes to previous version of MacOS. Just for continuity reasons so when you're helping someone over the phone, no matter the OS version, the settings will look the same. I'm coming at this from a support stand point.

  3. Can not wait for some of these new features latter this year. With a 5K 27-inch LG monitor connected to my M1 MacBook Air and the fact that I have a number of application windows open at the same time feel I am going to use the "Stage Manger" to keep items on the left side of my display, and make it easy to switch. Now use "F3" Mission Control to find windows that are behind the applications that are on top.

  4. imazing isn't working. Any other suggestion to transfer apps from iPhone over to Macbook Pro M1?

  5. When will we be able to limit how much space the Photo Library takes? Optimize Storage only goes so far.

  6. finally apple has real taskbar

  7. You missed the Metal 3 features that can changes the Future of Games in MacOS

  8. Correction. This is just likely NOT coming to your Mac unless your have a very recent one ..

  9. Whoa, a weather app? And a CLOCK APP?! This marks the beginning of a new era!

    I swear it must be so darn easy to be an Apple software engineer.

  10. Can you put apple-made Apple Music playlists into folders yet?

  11. Do we know if they added the ability to adjust the thickness of the text cursor like you can in Windows? (Note I am not talking about the mouse pointer, but the blinking text cursor). It's an embarrassment that Macs still don't have this as an accessibility feature for those of us with low vision.

  12. Passkeys for me is the biggest update! i hope Google and Microsoft will work on it too, and more websites gonna adopt it, soon we could say goodbye to passwords, and fake webs stealing your password or web servers leaking it.

  13. So I got a usb switcher so that I can switch webcam from my office Mac to my home Mac and vice versa (working from home). Having this feature would have been nice as I could just put my iPhone on my monitor for home Mac when needed as an alternative to USB switcher.

  14. Stage manager looks like a great feature… for iPads. Really looks like a touch-optimized interface that just doesn't work well on MacOS and you can do most of that with multiple desktop views anyway.

  15. Mr admin why dont u resepond i hve some doubt to be cleared.

  16. wouldn't it be great if we could customize things like shadows, system text, rounded rectangles, gradient panels, adjust sidebar widths, radius of rounded rectangles, aquaness, button colours, icon sizes etc, and save them as themes?

  17. Thank you for your video 👍

  18. Ugh the stupid clocks are still analog. I demand digital!!!

  19. I love stage manager, but the way to toggle it is tedious. If Apple wants their users to actually use it, it has to be as convenient as Exposé.

  20. an awful update, with an ugly wallpaper

  21. When is the new Mac os coming out?

  22. I can't adjust the 2019 iMAC speed slow mode. What's wrong with full speed? App sometimes freezes on high-speed mac. Did they ever test the 2019 IMAC.
    3.2 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7? it's too fast and freezes it. it starts looping mouse cursor. it's not because it's slow on i7 Core 6, 5, 4….The 6 Core is too fast for application and freezes.

  23. Stage Manager looks pretty terrible. Looks and feels a lot like WebOS from 2010… think the HP TouchPad and the use of ‘Stacks’. Not sure what problem it’s solving. The saving grace is that it’s opt in only.

  24. Why aren't there GROUPINGS on the sidebar of the new ( AND VERY UGLY) System settings? it's just one big list of text! so much scrolling! 3:40

  25. This "UPGRADE" is so that it will be compatible with the yet to be released 7" Imac, yes 7"!

  26. DID apple get rid of shadows on the icons?? 3:20 ??

  27. every year the MAC OS DESKTOP is getting uglier, less intuitive, more boring and bland! Apple might as well just released a 27 inch IPAD and use ios on it! ALL DESIGNED for consumers not professionals

  28. Can you please TURN OFF your TRANSPARENCY!! it looks like shit!

  29. I don't get this stage manager…
    Not very suitable for a desktop system.

  30. They really should give you an option of putting the Stage Manager tiles on either the left or the right side of the screen.

  31. iPad doesn’t have a weather app tho

  32. Pfff. If I want an iOS experience I'll grab my iPhone. Still running Mojave on a 2017 MPB and can't bring myself to upgrade past it. macOS has been steadily dumbed down for all those sheep since Catalina. My next purchase might be a Windows machine at this rate.

  33. As someone who actually paid for an app that allows use of the iPhone as a webcam I am looking forward to continuity camera. This will be so much more convenient

  34. For those of you who have a MBA from '17 or as old as '15, you will need at least a 2018 model to enjoy Ventura features

  35. Given what’s happening in the world, it’s difficult getting as excited about the latest from Apple as I once did. I’m hopeful that one day my only worry will once again fret over apple switching to USB-C connectivity.