Best Way to Run macOS & Windows On Single Computer At the Same Time!

Future of personal computers is here. Best way to run multiple operating systems like macOSm Windows and Linux on a single computer and even simultanously side by side 🙂 Best way to dual boot Mac and Windows, or even tripple boot. Amazing solution, which is better than Gaming PC, Apple Mac, Hackintosh or any Linux workstation. After watching this video, you will never look at computers the same.
You don’t need Windows 10 gaming PC, Macintosh or Hackintosh for work or fun or Linux workstation, separate NAS, separate server… My all in one solution is all you need 🙂



if you would like me to build for you remotely virtualization server or if you would need help with any computer related problem you may be facing with your Mac, Linux or Windows computers you can reach my personal individual support on my site:


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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
I recommend also 1-2x 3.5″ mechanical harddrive for backups and NAS features.

But ideal setup for your exact use case can be different, reach my personal individual support at my website linked below if you want consultation or virtualization build like this or better 🙂

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  1. Amazing work Teresa! You are a treasure! Just sent you a tip. Come on guys – let's support this great creative work.

  2. Hello. Can this hypervisor be used locally on a laptop without using a web panel?

  3. Which hypervisor/VM software are you using for this?

  4. This is great! Just to clarify – this requires two graphics cards right?

  5. Hello Teresa, may I please contact you via email or something regarding my situation? I want to be able to run macos on my thinkpad t480 in the form of a VM, while being able to pass through my igpu. (The laptop just doesn't have a dgpu). I would be happy to compensate you for your time and expertise. 😊

  6. Teresa helped me set mine up and I'm loving it!

  7. proxmox is really good thing as free solution than unraid but I've been doing this thing native linux KVM under my Gentoo host for not losing my skills on VM advance tweaking.

  8. Are you available to do this? Happy to pay for you to set this up for me please.

  9. very smart lady very clever problem solver

  10. Great video! What is the base operating system?

  11. Great Video! So I'm interrested about making a similar configuration (KVM: Windows 10 Gaming PC + MacOs) but some questions are unanswared on my side:
    1) What is the best linux distribution to use as an Host ? I'm not a fan of command line and an efficient GUI to manage VMs is essential for me.
    2) I have a poweful Nvidia GPU for gaming purpose to assign to the windows VM. What is the best Amd card compatible card to assign to a Big Sur Vm for a low budget < 100$ to basically have full gpu acceleration and basic Mac Os use (App Development no video encoding or anything else costly…) ?
    3) I have no integrated Gpu (Ryzen configuration), can you confirm, the host OS can use the GPu and assign it to a VM without too much issues ?
    4) I don't want to switch between video sources, what is the best sofware to just mirror a VM to really use both Os fluently additionaly to something like ShareMouse for Keyboard, Mouse, copy-paste, …
    Thanks for any Help, advice 🙂

  12. Is it possible to use iGPU for mac (ie: Intel HD 630 on 9700k) and regular GPU for windows (1080ti)?

  13. She is the Donald Trump of the multi-OS installations. “This is the best setup EVER! Better than all other OS installations … ever installed …anywhere ! A total game changer”

  14. What power supply do I need for those 2 graphics cards?

  15. Excelente trabajo, gracias !!

  16. Thank you so much for this video, it is fabulous – Any plans to do an updated video with more recent hardware cpus/mainboards – any purchase guide, what one should look for / avoid ? Thank you!

  17. does it have latency in vm ? i use hackintosh for audio and i need to record sonds in real time. Latency is my enemy…
    Could you show with latencymon the latency inside the windows vm ?

  18. Did you ever do the follow ups on this, explaining the process? I have been hunting but not finding anything.

  19. Wow! I'm blown away by your solution! This whole time I've been thinking that Linux and QEMU would've been the best of both worlds when it was really a bare-metal hypervisor that I really wanted! Plus thank you for mentioning ZFS! I went down a file system rabbit hole sometime last year but forgot which one I was wanting to try someday.

  20. So amazing 😍😍😍great work👍

  21. Morgonaut, I hope you are doing well during COVID-19. This remains one of my favourite videos. I hope that you will do a step by step tutorial on your approach to building a multi OS system using Proxmox which is what I think you have used here. … Hackintosh + Linux Mint + Windows 10 would be the ultimate combination. Absolutely brilliant work!