Boot Apple Silicon M1 Mac to DFU Mode & Reinstall macOS in 10 Minutes with 2nd Mac MacBook Pro & Air

With Apple Silicon Macs, you can restore macOS just like you can with iOS with Apple Configurator! I will show you how to boot your Apple Silicon Mac into DFU Mode so you can Restore macOS in under 10 minutes!

Restore macOS Firmware on an Apple Silicon Mac + Boot to DFU Mode

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I will go over how to restore macOS on your new Apple Silicon Mac. Your first line of defense for installing macOS on Apple Silicon should be macOS Recovery. But if for some reason you are having problems with that you can boot your Apple Silicon Mac with a Big Sur USB installer drive. I wrote an article covering all the changes to macOS Recovery here.

Order of that you should follow for reinstalling macOS on Apple Silicon.

1. macOS Recovery
2. System Recovery – (Will boot automatically if macOS Recovery is unavailable)
3. macOS Big Sur USB Installer Drive – (External boot for macOS Installers is enabled by default on Apple Silicon)
4. Apple Configurator 2 REVIVE option – This option will reinstall macOS Recovery (retains user data on the SSD hard drive)
5. Apple Configurator 2 RESTORE option – This option will Reinstall macOS Recovery, ERASE your SSD hard drive and reinstall macOS
Apple has just posted a new articles on macOS recovery, booting to DFU mode and how to restore macOS Firmware.

Revive or restore a Mac with Apple silicon with Apple Configurator 2
Apple Silicon M1 Mac Mini
Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Air
Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Pro 13″

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– Apple Mac Enterprise IT Blog & macOS News for MacAdmins


Mac Transition to Apple Silicon Everything you need to know!

New Article How to reinstall macOS on your Apple Silicon Mac

macOS ISPW Firmware Database – Download Full macOS ISPW Files!

MacOS Big Sur Index of need to know changes! (UPDATED)

macOS System Status (Issues) – OS, Xprotect & App Version Database

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  1. Hopefully this video will help anyone who is still having issues booting an Apple Silicon Mac into DFU mode. Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. Nice tutorial. U save my life. Thanks alot 🙂

  3. @Mr.Macintosh I have tried to revive & restore – not able to finish them successfully. I have tried to download the osx as you did and am getting this error: "configurationutilitykit.error – 0x263 (611)", I have newest version of Apple Configurator 2, and host mac is running on MacSur 11.5.2. Any Idea what to do?

  4. Followed the same as described in the video. Facing error saying “Unexpected device state ‘DFU’ Expected”. Kindly help regarding the issues.

  5. 7 dislikes from those couldnt press at the right time lmfaoooo

  6. This worked like a charm for me. Thanks alot

  7. This is amazing, THANK YOU Mr. Macintosh!

  8. After an hour talking to Apple Support and 7 hours trying to figure this out myself, a 10 minute video walked me through it. You, my man, saved me a long trip to the Apple Store.

  9. apple USB charging cable is only usb 2.0, use a 3.0 cable at least (3.1 or TB3/4 is even better!). you think 500mb is fast? thats nothing, I was pushing several GB a second over USB3.1 🙂

  10. What if you don't have another Mac?

  11. I have an MBA M1 locked up because I can't do the procedure, always in step 4, it returns the error 0xFAD (4013). Has anyone gone through this?

  12. I follow along with you exactly but my macbook air boots up before I let go of the keys 🙁

  13. Can you please help me with get out of remote management!

  14. this video is God Send, thank you very much. sir!

  15. Hi bro can this method help to fix firmware problem?

  16. Can this be done with MacBook Air mid-2013 to unlock icloud ?

  17. Does anyone know if it is possible to wipe and reinstall a non M1 2020 Macbook using Apple Configurator?

  18. My gosh, u save me 🙂 thank you

  19. Does this process not delete all your information? I thought reinstalling a software required wiping the SSD drive

  20. your website seems to give a 404 error, please fix this method if using IPSW looks very promising!

  21. Thank u for sharing this. After two days of hitting my head against the wall, I’ve been able to restore my Mac with the help of this video. Big thanks again

  22. What if instead of using the ipsw from the website, I try the MacOS firmware downloaded from the mac appstore?

  23. Your information is brilliant and applicable
    Keep up the good work

  24. thank you for the helpfull video bro

  25. I’m getting error msz libisbrestore error. Plz tell me boss how can I fix this issue

  26. Hello I have a Macbook Pro M1 2020 with activation Lock amd the restore In DFU didt work need help

  27. Didnt work for me 🙁 had to bring it to the Apple store then they tried (unsuccessfully) so they sent it out for repair. Thank goodness it’s still under warranty. Macbook Air 2020 M1.

  28. This is amazing! This is the closest thing to imaging a Mac I've seen yet! THANK YOU Mr. Macintosh!

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