Cars 2 CENSORED – Gatling Gun/Explosion Removed (Documentary Purposes)

Cars 2 CENSORED – Gatling Gun/Explosion Removed (Documentary Purposes)

Did you know the German version of Cars 2 censor the intro cutscene? In the German version of Cars 2, the Gatling Gun scene and explosion are removed!

*This video is for documentary purposes. Any material found in this video exists solely to document video game censorship for informational reasons only.*

Check the playlist out for more violence censorship comparisons!

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  1. When we left that movie with our 4 year old son, first thing he said as we walked out holding hands was "Why were they shooting at Tow Mater?"

  2. op speedrun trick

  3. Daniel Alonzo Cital

    That pal frame rate is so jarring.

  4. Lightening McQueen

    I never really minded the gatling guns and explosion in the game, but wow, I can't believe they're cut in the German version!

  5. Daniel Fotheringham Productions 2020

    To be honest, I don’t think any other version in Europe was censored, including France, Spain, Italy and the UK.

  6. I know why they removed in the german version why they removed the gun scene. Its because Mater is saying instead of dad gum Ca-Ramba. And gattling gun means on german Maschinengewehr. So these two words dont match.

  7. I have a question, how come the movie in the PAL regions has tons of violence and the Video game toned it down? I know it's 0+ but still, that is bullcrud.

  8. I watched 300 when I was 11 but I'm not a violent person.slipperkicks stuffed animal into pot of boiling water

  9. Michelle Rodvold

    is this why the north American version is rated E10+

  10. Dead Channel Again

    That's abit violent when you think about it

  11. I still can't believe that even WITH guns in that Cars 2 movie, it got a G rating…


  12. Your videos are great but I was thinking as I was watching a few of them in a row that it might help for you to have a voiceover during the videos or before each version starts playing.

    More people should definitely be watching these videos!

  13. Games in Germany seem really watered down

  14. I don't know about you, but I found it a tad more brutal without the explosions xD

  15. Did they think cartoon cars with guns would affect children or something?

  16. Lol, but why?