CD Projekt Just CENSORED a Game?! – Devotion Angry Rant

CD Projekt Just CENSORED a Game?! – Devotion Angry Rant

This might be the first time I have ever seen a game so forcefully taken down by a store. Why is CD Projekt doing this and what does GOG want to hide? Lets talk about that!

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In this video DreamcastGuy does an angry rant about CD Projekt using their GOG store which is like steam censor the horror game Devotion and removing it from sales. This entire mess with RD Projekt, CD Projekt Red, Cyberpunk 2077 and it’s glitching release on Xbox One X, Xbox Series X. PS4, PS5, and PC has been a rough week for their company but are they blocking the game because of china. Lets talk about that.

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  1. What a strange and terrible mess. THANK YOU for watching and liking the video!!! <3

  2. Appreciate the art

  3. Steam censored Devotion too.
    Not saying it's alright just because other platforms do so too. But you should know that it's not only cdpr's fault.
    Similar political censorship also happened in many many different areas/businesses. People should be aware of that.

    (Off topic? Or not. I am not an American but I'm upset that Trump was censored and people cheer for that. Cooproations have the right to ban people? Yes, so does GoG have the right to ban a game.)

  4. Delete Existence

    Pong is in the science museum.

  5. I do not agree completely with you.
    Making few jokes, some memes is one thing. Insulting country and its leader is completely wrong. So, you should always check for the country and their culture to know what is insult and what is just a joke or a small fun then do it in any kind of entertainment form.
    So, disliking.

  6. When its about China of course companies will act on tone deafness.

  7. Vagabundork Chaos Magick-User

    I always thought CD Projekt Red was crap. Now it's confirmed.

  8. winnie the pooh is way cuter than the chinese president. i have no idea how people made that comparison.

  9. So I am guessing you've deleted my comment? xD

  10. I got his rights on that MAN! <3

  11. So when is EA going to try and buy them?

  12. I don’t think this is CDPR’s fault. It’s like you said. This is probably the doing of China. There’s little something that a modest developer like CDPR can do against an obviously powerful government that is built off censorship and order.
    All I can say is don’t blame CDPR for this. Not, at least, until we know everything about what’s going on. For all we know some info could be leaked tomorrow confirming China’s involvement in this. What happened with cyberpunk was scummy but that doesn’t constitute this almost blind hatred for them.

  13. Who fucking cares about a censorship of something that doesnt even fit with the lore because.. on the other hand, they literally have nerfed all nudity ingame and no one says a word?.. Sex as a currency is integral part of this game.. in the 1.02 version, everything made sense, with strippers looking like strippers and all that.. Now they have added painted on undies and nipple pasties all over and no one says about this? lmao man… What about another video saying "cyberpunk was censored to cather american prudes?"…

  14. It was not an image. It was text in Chinese that said something like Xi Ji Ping Winnie the Pooh Moron, or something like that

  15. Random KaigaiNiki

    CDPR is literally speed running this shit.

  16. As someone who has taken courses in logil; let me hail & praise you for pointing out that slippery slope is in fact a fallacy! Good job DreamcastGuy. Everybody uses that as a logical argument when in fact it is the opposite of logic. You are the only person I've heard use that correctly.

  17. Looks like karma gotem

  18. Can they try to not shit the bed this week? Good lord did their balls fall off?

  19. we all know that their "gamers" means Chinese.

  20. All that matters is the almighty dikkat
    Yuan enters the chat

  21. I was a CDPR fan until yesterday. Kind of ashamed for believing they were different than the others.

  22. Sony: After many real messages from gamers we decided to delete CDPR from PSN

  23. Devotion is a better game than Cyberpunk 2077

  24. Hiroko Takashiro

    My god i have said this for awhile now, but cdpr made one good game with TW3 and everyone acted as if they could do no wrong. Not gonna say i told you so but…i fucking told yo so,2020 has been a cursed year.

  25. figofagonagoitis

    That sucks, but try to not bend under Chinese government. It’s easier said than done.

  26. My Chinese family who believes in freedom of expression and learning from differing opinions will NOT purchase our copies of Cyberpunk 2077 UNTIL they allow us to purchase Devotion through GOG. That's 6 REAL gamers with GTX, RTX, PS4 and PS5's who have been really looking forward to these two games taking a stand against censorship and basic human freedoms. Let's show CDPR how gamers truly feel and how this is so much BIGGER than just gaming. You can also go to GOG .com and click on 'community' tab at top, then 'community wishlist' and give 'Devotion' your love and support by voting for the game.