Censor – Movie Review

Censor – Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann reviews Censor, starring Niamh Algar, Sophia La Porta, Michael Smiley. Directed by Prano Bailey-Bond.

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  1. Spoiler alert

    I love the end how the change in frequency shows the horror from the actress she thinks is her sister and her parents. It happens just for a split seconds and goes back to the desired fantasy she is in. Really well done 🤙

  2. I think this film and the film 'Saint Maud' (both of which I liked) which deal in similar ways with psychologically damaged lead characters have a lot in common particularly in the way it ends.

  3. Just watched this tonight on Hulu when I couldn't sleep. Definitely something of a slow-burn, so I can see why some folks wouldn't like it, but all-in-all a good, well-acted film!

    That being said, it does irritate me a tad that there was no satisfying conclusion as to what happened to her sister. I have some thoughts about what did, but in general, I'd love a 'sequel' that is, perhaps, from the point of view of a detective or someone investigating her case who uncovers the sister's body or finds her or whatever.

    That being said, I kind of understand why it ended the way it did. It's definitely an interesting psychological film that keeps one second-guessing what's real and what's not.

    For those below who say it's "the worst horror film ever", I have to say y'all must not have seen very much horror. lol I've seen stuff that makes this one worthy of an EGOT! XD

  4. Kyzor Jordanz The New Aion

    I didn’t like this one! Not my cup of tea!

  5. Anyone else notice the very first clip of a "Video Nasty" is actually from a "Video Nasty" called Nightmare AKA Nightmares in a damaged brain?. [Kid in white pulling back an axe].
    As soon as I saw that I was like, Yup. I'm in!

  6. This film appears to be incredibly frightening so I am waiting to watch with friends. It definitely something different.


    yEAH She killed her sister at a young age

  8. I wish I could get paid to see the worst of the worst 🙂 that would be the dream

  9. Horrible actress..she anoy me with her stupidstare and when she bites her lip every 5min…she's not professional actress…the movie is too big for her modest talents if she had one

  10. One of the worst films I’ve ever seen don’t believe the critics reviews on this film. The guy that edited trailer needs an Oscar though 😂

  11. The cinematography is just like Panos Cosmatos movies but without that soft look

  12. Love the altered beast shake up

  13. Nice t shirt chris

  14. This is absolute and utter garbage and a waste of 90 minutes in my opinion.

  15. Ese Tipo Con Un Libro

    Hola! La directora va a adaptar un relato de terror de la escritora argentina Mariana Enríquez. Saludos!!

  16. The Adjuster by Atom Egoyan has a related theme.

  17. the fuck is going on

    I watched it yesterday and I've actually never seen a horror film in theater before lol, thought this movie was pretty well directed and really interesting!

  18. Just watched it. Thought it was crap. Started off pretty well but went steadily downhill after the first twenty minutes.

  19. Jordan Williams

    Do Saint Maud

  20. I asked my friends to watch this movie, unfortunately they hated it lmao

  21. A boring movie and don’t waste your time

  22. Cinematography was captivating

  23. Niamh Algar will be a Hollywood a list within the next five years, mark my words. If you don’t believe me, watch a British drama she starred in called The Virtues and that will convince you.

  24. I'm surprised you didn't get the movie, Chris. It's not about what happened to the sister, but the repressed guilt Enid feels coming to the surface after a supposed video nasty inspired a crime which spirals her into insanity… I thought it was perfect!!!

  25. Chris – “it has a unique presentation”

    That’s exactly why I loved this movie. It’s so hard to find a “horror” flick that hasn’t been done a thousand time over and this film accomplishes a unique look/feel

  26. I wonder if this was inspired by "Evil Ed"? Kinda reminds me of that movie

  27. Sorry Chris, you're my favourite movie reviewer, but this movie was an insult to dogshite.

  28. Loved this movie, so good

  29. Nice review! Always looking for gems like this ☺️☺️

  30. It's a great film concept. Also, it's hard to think of the kind of person that would choose that job, it's like begging to have your sanity eroded. But we do need them.

  31. I actually just watched this film and really enjoyed it. Some people think it's pro censorship or contradictory in its stance on censorship, but i think it firmly is anti-censorship because of how it portrays the actions of the main character and essentially points the finger at people who want to censor films and say "no, it is you that are repressed. It is you that are harming people"

  32. Wrenlin Whitelight

    If you're one who enjoys super-meta mind-melting endings, definitely check this film out. I personally would have graded Censor a B+/A.

  33. butt why though :( • 9 years ago ( edited )

    Love it

  34. Fscott Fitzgerald

    Something about niamh algar that's so attractive.

  35. Yes the premise was great and so were the first 20/30 minutes. Then it became really boring and not even its aesthetic aspect could make me interested.😴 I'll explain: the first storyline was actually interesting but then * SPOILERS * they decided to focus on the whole missing sister/main character going nuts thing and meh, they lost me. Should've focused on her job and the media circus revolving around horror movies at that time instead.

  36. Garbage

  37. The Continuing Adventures of Lenny Wanser

    Thanks for putting this film on my radar Chris. Great review. Definitely intrigued. 😃✌🏽

  38. Thoughts on reviewing Gaia?

  39. I'm one of them disappointed ones. I really wanted it to b more about censor and censorship aspect, but it went the silly search for her sister route whch bummed me ofg

  40. a movie u like yeahhhhh

  41. zeusbacchushades

    I only watch films from the video nasty list

  42. I'll give this movie a D, yes this Dick… the end its just dumb af

  43. Chris gets it right again

  44. Videodrome 2: Electric Boogaloo

  45. Chris, you need to redo your Army of the Dead review. Please!!

  46. Eliminator 5252

    This movie was god awful. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good indie horror flick that makes you think, but this was trash and I was bored out of my fricken mind. Wow, I can’t believe you recommended this movie. 🤦‍♂️

  47. Did nothing for me, personally.

  48. This movie had promise, but I got bored half way through.

  49. I’m so pleased for Prano! She was developing this when I had her on my cinechill podcast. Her career is setting up very nicely.

  50. That's the actress from Raised by Wolves… ugh, what a trash series.