Censor – Official Trailer

Censor – Official Trailer

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When film censor Enid (Niamh Algar) discovers an eerie horror video that speaks directly to her sister’s mysterious disappearance, she resolves to unravel the puzzle behind the film and its enigmatic director – a quest that will blur the lines between fiction and reality in terrifying ways.

Available in theaters June 11 and everywhere June 18

Directed by Prano Bailey-Bond
Starring Niamh Algar

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  1. DMITRY PAVLOVICH Shelepenko

    This movie sucks, the comments are fake generated, the trailer shows an action thriller movie, but it's not. Don't watch it. Its very slow and not interesting.
    Spoiler ahead: she is mad and imagining all this… that's it

  2. Dont blink during the ending a tip from someone that blinked.

  3. Thank God for 35mm … Horror films should never look like a Verizon commercial

  4. Horrible actress..she anoy me with her stupidstare and when she bites her lip every 5min…she's not professional actress…the movie is too big for her modest talents if she had one

  5. It's Sue from "raised By Wolves"!

  6. Gave me some Raw vibes

  7. Interesting idea; mediocre cast.

  8. Didn't even understand at finally she's insane right? And she killed her sister

  9. Such a very bad film
    The worst film i've ever watched it
    Damn lost of 1.28 hour in my life

  10. Loved it, super surreal and well shot, very creepy and nice pacing. Cool use of static angles, the Lynchian and Cronenberg vibes like Videodrome hit hard. also some inspiration from Ringu perhaps? nice one Prano, smashed it out the park!

  11. Lost Highway

  12. Good to see Nathan Barley is still getting work ☺ unfortunately this was utter garbage.

  13. Suspiria…..

  14. This is so much like Chuck Palahniuk’s “the invention of sound” it’s mental. Loved the book this’ll Make a great companion piece!

  15. I cant believe 'The Doctor' from Coleg Ceredigions performance of Widows (Love you Ash, amazing director and tutor🥰) about 1999-2000'ish is now an international film director. Massive props Bailey, Couldn't have happened to a better person. Much Love from Heathers Boy (The random Soldier in widows) x

  16. Such a good idea, i'm envious I didn't think of it myself. I'm hoping they give her some depth by showing why she became a censor etc. instead of finger pointing at her profession.

  17. yarrrrak

  18. MrBadActors / Tribute and Scene from Films

    I'm surprise nobody in the comment thinks of David Cronenberg's masterpiece "Videodrome" ?
    It's probably different but the trailer made me instantly think of it.

  19. Please don't waste your time, it's really garbage and nothing interesting in here. even though I didn't pay for this but I want my time back.

  20. Just watched this and it's pretty good better than i thought. worth a watch 😉

  21. Looks boring

  22. That ending thooooo

  23. Alright, lets get ALL the Karen jokes out of our system so we can watch this with a straight face.

  24. love michael smiley but this looks trash

  25. This looks fantastic. And Smiley?! I'm in!

  26. Just saw it and what a waste of time. A bland, passive protagonist without any goal and shallow supporting characters. More than horror, this is a pseudo feminist social commentary on violence that has the weakest third act I watched in a long time. It seems as if the writers got themselves in a corner and they didn't know how to end the movie so they put some dreamy sequences with no explanation. Lots of loose ends and no substance to the story. 👎👎

  27. Espinillas y Puntos Negros

    Brilliant first half. Captures the grittiness of the 80s video era without the overdone nostalgia. Very atmospheric, excellent lead actress. She really carries the film. The plot opens up several interesting story paths. And then… it falls apart. Pacing is all over the place in the second half with long sequences that go nowhere or serve no purpose other than to show off the impressive scene lighting. Most plot points remain unresolved and the ending is predictable in a "dumbest possible twist" way. The film falls apart in the last 10 minutes. What a waste, because the setup, photography and acting were among the best horror has had to offer in decades.

  28. I had no Idea that 1980 England had the same demographics as current year New York City.
    Learn something new everyday I guess.

  29. I like how there's more neon and synthwave in new "retro" movies than in older movies

  30. Filmmaker: uses neon light for every shot

    Film students: Genius cinematography!

  31. I saw a movie about a censor investigating the truth before. It was set in COMMUNIST East Germany. It was based on true events and was a pretty good film.
    This is set in Britain, and modern audiences have been conditioned to accept the concept of censors deciding what is OK for us to see. That's way more horrifying to me than this crappy movie.

  32. 5 Bags of Popcorn

    Another horribly generic comment!!

  33. Absolutely terrible movie…

  34. So he kidnapped her sister and films her torture to make underground horror movies. Now the "censor" has finally seen one and is starting to remember the events of the kidnapping, and goes on a quest to find her sister. Right?

  35. This looks fantastic!

  36. The colors, the grain, the score. Everything about this looks amazing

  37. anyone recommends this film? i dont want to waste company time if it isnt worth it!

  38. Looks terrible

  39. Víctor Monárdez Melo

    This is boring as a snail race. Atmosphere isn't everything. Go watch Mandy (2018) instead.

  40. woah, what a Trailer <3

  41. Talk about crap movie.

  42. movie for girls.

  43. عمار الصياد



    A horribly boring movie…

  45. Death of a salesman

  46. محسن العراقي AM


  47. Where to watch?

  48. Any one remember the trailers attached to this?