Censored Images of War (part 4)

Censored Images of War (part 4)

How US citizens were manipulated..

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  1. And Americans wonder why they are hated?!

  2. 3:10 🙁 fuck america. Americans dont get to see this

  3. get yer ya yas out

    the first war sadam should of just got the fuck out of Kuwait 2nd we had no business there. shoulda focused all power on making Afghanistan a parking lot.

  4. Ernie Pyle didn't get to interview Hitler and get his perspective either. Go figure.

  5. 2:15
    The little girl is crying tears of joy! "American soldiers are bringing freedom and democracy!!!"

  6. Psychopath.

  7. Yes, it is the fault of the US-led coalition. The US never should have put our troops into Iraq in the first place – all that blood will forever stain Bush/Cheney/Rice. The real pussies are the republican neocons that lied us into the war – many of the same people advising Romney on his foreign policy! There is nothing honorable in imposing 'liberty and democracy' with bombs and bullets.

  8. War is ugly for sure. Would I vote to do it again? Hellz yeah! Iran &North Korea would be next on my list!

  9. i wash my hands of all blood spilled in the name of piece as an american i am ashamed of this government.im proud to say ive never voted.ashamed to say i was once in the military.

  10. American goverment is full of griddy bastards HOW SAD

  11. You have to understand that those terrorists are cowards. They don't come out and fight like a soldier did in ww2. They are civilian in daylight and terrorist when night fall. Our troops tried their best not to kill the REAL civilian but that become extremely hard when the terrorists try to blend in. it's not our fault that their civilian die.

  12. comedianpunisher

    @argiemerc u know how many families did my "brothers" lost? alot.and our king wasnt even in our land when we were invaded. alot of properties,cars,goods and electronics were stolen and destroyed,and this "WAR" is all the fucking reason here.for example: u lost a cousin becuz of a criminal.what will u do? of course,u want to fuck him up! sheesh make up ur fucking mind

  13. comedianpunisher

    @argiemerc were u talking to urself? and r u out of ur mind? and yes all iraqis deserved this and surely you'll burn in hell for ur fucking comment,their, their u have it

  14. @comedianpunisher

    What an idiot you are. They deserved that because of what ?
    Hopefully you'll burn in hell.

  15. EUA claims to be the most free country but you are all wrong. When i compare to my sweet Portugal, you are all sheeps, all manipulated. You just have the ilusion of freedom, but never tasted it

  16. comedianpunisher

    @bingramtube what do you think? if they killed your father in war fight what will u do to them? just an example btw no offense

  17. Look at NON-American journalism about the Vietnam war, about Panama, about Grenada even, ALL U.S. conflict since WWII, hell even a lot of WWII, and you'll see that there's nothing special about the war in Iraq. 3 million people dead in S.E. Asia in an illegal war 'cause Ho Chi Minh was about to sweep the elections. Technology changed nothing, because there's a double standard as to the value of human lives, vs American lives. Internationally: accusations of war crimes. But no news on TV at home.

  18. @comedianpunisher The kids deserved this ?

  19. comedianpunisher

    All those Iraqi people must know that that war was saddam hussain's fault for invading Kuwait with a shocking death of Kuwaitis,I feel sad for those Iraqi People But this is what they deserved…….


  21. @Scarramanga I was against the Iraq war first of all. I was in the Iraq war second of all. And the media would rather show 9,000 kids with their heads blown off than the many times we saved villages from scumbags and rescued kids. Many of the corporatists in the government and on Wall Street don't give a flying fuck. What is your point? We saved more innocent civillians than we killed. Your whole notion of 'they own the media' is a joke just like you. Cry me a river truther…