Censored Planet: exposing internet censorship worldwide

Censored Planet: exposing internet censorship worldwide

Censored Planet is the first global internet censorship project to collect data from over 170 countries without user participation, showing “how skillful automated tracking has become at sniffing out repression” via MIT Tech Review:

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The University of Michigan College of Engineering is one of the world’s top engineering schools. Michigan Engineering is home to 12 highly-ranked departments, and its research budget is among the largest of any public university.

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The tool is designed to remotely detect whether users in countries around the world are blocked from accessing thousands of important websites due to tactics like IP blocking, DNS poisoning or keyword blocking.

“What I think is important is having a transparency on the process. Who is deciding to block what and do we have trust in those people for the decisions they’re making,” said Roya Ensafi, an assistant professor in computer science and engineering at U-M, who founded the project:

Read the paper: “Quack: Scalable Remote Measurement of Application-Layer Censorship,” Usenix (2018).

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  1. Yes because the inventor chose not to copyright the internet and donated to public use but his legacy of altruism is being undermined. You brought up the government censorship as a causal factor but capitalism surveillance is equally or more a problem

  2. Петър Мирчев

    This is the modern communism

  3. Nothing should be censored. Absolutely nothing. If someone doesn’t like me, my color, religion or anything I eat for breakfast it’s up to them and not some Leftist shmuk or their cohorts sitting in some office. The same fools that want to block freedom of speech are the same ones that screen when it doesn’t meet their narrative.

  4. I am facing this type of censorship. I am blocked from searching for conservation of angular momentum properly and can only find Indian videos about it and am prevented from seeing English speaking videos because I am being prevented from announcing my discovery to people who can properly understand what I am saying.

    I am also being censored on Youtube and cannot post any link to my theoretical physics papers because obviously a theoretical physics paper which proves conservation of angular momentum wrong, is worse than posting child pornography.

    This comment is probably being censored as well. simply because the only responses I am getting from any of my comments is clearly and obviously coming from the same individual who has nothing but the same dismissive thing to say.
    How dare you behave like this.

    It is disgusting.

  5. single life form?

    Said government, meet the anarchist. Meanwhile, big papa tech sector runs free playing with people's lives.

  6. Btw: the Newway around this for suetube is limited responses quotas, that basically say we can only say so much, to so many….. all the more reason to go on other platforms and share share share

  7. Recluseau Hermitticus

    Screw the bootlickers who supports the continuing censoring of huemanity!!!

  8. Nothing but a show due to the fact that the US Government is the Number 1 customer to all Big tech companies purchasing private data of all their customers and citizens. This only reinforces their censorship and bad behavior where they spent 790 million to privatize elections which has no accountability to the general public not one mention of this by any government official or any real "news" agency. Every wonder why no "media" "fake news" asks who FB Twitter, google Micro soft Number one customer is and spends the most money on all the private data being bought?

  9. If we cannot speak in the media, we will be speaking in the streets.

  10. I'm guessing it's called net neutrality, south park make a good episode about it. Safe space.

  11. time to shut down the internet

  12. Sounds like she's lying

  13. Is censorship control for the poor

  14. terminate google employees if you see them on the street

  15. And here we are …

  16. "Control the internet, control the narrative, control the people."

  17. It's not worldwide for sure, just because of online censorship https://utopia.fans/censorship/what-is-internet-censorship-like-in-zimbabwe/ Countries like China, North Korea, and some others have their own web. Moreover different websites are banned in different countries. That's quite strange for me. Simply put some age restrictions if you don't want everyone to see something. But they still could find it in other place, in dark net for instance. So for me it has no sense and so much money are spent for nothing.

  18. The main censorship is done by google facebook and twitter
    Never in history so much intense, and in a vile way. Many people dont even realize they've been censored
    p.s. start using adblock.

  19. Iotola of RocknRolla

    you used to be able to threaten people on YouTube, call their mothers names, whatever. NOW…if you're just so much as a little rude, they cancel your account. I've had 13 twitter accounts cancelled and 5 YouTube channels canceled. My first Youtube channel, I had open for 12 years. Then 2018…