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Truyện ma : Nợ Phải Trả tập 3 kết – Truyện ma có thật về cô gái hóa quỷ báo thù Mc Đình Soạn kể Hãi

Truyện ma : Nợ Phải Trả tập 3 kết – Truyện ma có thật về …


  1. Nintendo casually demonize Muslims in OoT X'D

  2. The Ancient Cistern in Skyward Sword is heavily Buddhist inspired.

  3. Aaaaah i think hes a Muslim

  4. Didn’t know about the chants that’s cool.

  5. 3:37 wait a sec. "Bismaillah-Hirahman-nirahim is a word in the Quran. And yes im a Muslim

  6. I know Zelda has a a lot of biblical names i noticed that after playing it

  7. I am islam

  8. anyone know the name of the bgm in 7:15? I've heard it before but never knew what it's called 😔

  9. Man, it was beautiful to hear your Arabic pronunciation.

  10. As a Muslim from Sudan living in Saudi , boy he was saying Islamic stuff

  11. Gerudo Town is definitely Muslim lol

  12. Are you Arab? Or Muslim? Because your pronouncing is amazing lol

  13. Thank god the german version didn't include the terrorist symbols and soundtracks

  14. They left a moon on the gerudo card but removed it in the 3ds version

  15. im also a muslim zelda fan this is so interesting and exciting ro know

  16. Your arabic pronounceation is amazing for a guy thats not even arabic

    Wait.. U lived in egypt

  17. OneSingleCheez-It

    I’m far from religious, but I can’t imagine being so offended by it that it would detract from the game. Even Link kneeling at a cross, or other religious references just make it more interesting, as long as it’s not shoved in my face.

  18. I would venture to add that the Lore, although unique and not intended to, is still very much religious and borrowing elements of the Abrahamic faiths, Christianity in specificity, however you could argue that these metaphysical tenants are universal and the creators arrived to the same conclusions, through different exploration.

    For example, Link is an obvious messianic figure. His purpose is to be born and wield and fortify the courage to defeat Evil (Ganon/Ganondorf/Demise/Vati/Goombas) on behalf of all who can’t, and lack the power to. On top of that, Links coming is portrayed via prophecy, something that is also mirrored. Although link is eternally reincarnated along with Demise, this quest can be seen as analogous to Christ’s, the pinnacle of the “hero” trope/archetype (one who selflessly fights for the good of all)

    In ocarina of time, the three goddesses bring order out of chaos, and this order is a good thing. They make life and everything for it to flourish. It’s communicated that higher powers (The Goddesses) created reality so that humans can partake in its beauty and so that they could grow and flourish, this pretty much echos Genesis 1, where YHWH speaks order out of chaos and brings forth what is necessary and good for humans to begin living in the world.

    Even the mere concept of the triforce screams profound religiosity. Each piece of the triforce represents a profound power/characteristic that essentially is bestowed to the wielded of it; but analyzing it, at least for me, the symbolism communicates that Power, Courage, and Wisdom are not humanly attainable things, but something divine that you need to ‘partake of’, the lore directly even states that the triforce was given to us by the Gods. In Christianity, it’s believed that all that is good is simply a participation in God’s nature.

    This isn’t to mention things like the number 7 appearing literally everywhere (an ancient number of perfection) or music being the mechanism for solving things

  19. As a Catholic, had I known about it when I was little I wouldn't have minded about seeing references to Christianity had I played any of those games when I was little (I didn't play any Zelda game until 2013 when I finally got a 3DS and bought Ocarina of Time 3D, when I finally got my own money), in fact I would've thought of it as interesting. Even when I learned that there were some changes over
    Though I will admit that I prefer the censored version of the Fire Temple over the original, not because of anything particular against the chants or anything, but it annoys me and really bothers me while I'm trying to go through the temple as it is not very clear. That's a me having ASD thing, as my brain gets overloaded with information trying to figure out what's going on and just goes nope, when trying to follow the song, so if I had to play through it, I'd do it in mute.

  20. Cristan Marcy Domingo

    I actually have an original release of oot

  21. To be fair, if the religious reference were used today, it would be confusing. Would there be be a clash of religions like Christianity and the Goddesses often? Or would it blind in together like would some be chanting Muslim hymns together with Goddess themes?

    I would kinda like if one day in game we are fighting for the Triforce, only for somebody who has received the power of God to join in the clash XD. Imagine that madness!

  22. Because all the Zelda games with direct references to Christianity take place in the downfall timeline, I head canon that after the Hero of Time failed to defeat Ganondorf, people started to lose faith in the Hylian gods (maybe for their chosen hero failing, maybe because their creation of the Triforce led to pain, maybe both) and sought a different religion to put faith and hope into.

  23. Nintendofan2008 yt

    Why did they have the Islamic Chating Christian thing are Japanese Shinto

  24. This is a very interesting topic I’ve always found it fascinating how Nintendo implemented religious themes in the Zelda series
    Heck I even plan on making my own video covering all the religious themes in the series
    Heck you even missed one Buddhism tho I guess you didn’t count that one sense it wasn’t removed but eh
    I just thought I’d mention it sense it is referenced in some of the games mostly in skyward sword with the ancient cistern but eh
    Anyway great video as always ZM

  25. In some Alex Jones or Kingdom Hearts type twisted storyline…. Somehow God, Jesus and the Three Goddess's and the Triforce all relate and come full circle.

  26. Muhammad Ibadallah

    Your pronunciation of Arabic is spot on! Either you really did your research or you knew Arabic beforehand, I'm not exactly sure which of these is the case though

    Edit: Nevermind, I should've been patient and heard what you said later

  27. Christians: Uses Cross
    Religion of Peace: Outright creepy chants

  28. Stop 😡✋no stop please stop gust stop don't bring that up 😔 it is gust a game 😭

  29. Squirrel Lord's Gaming

    So the original link was Christian? Neat. I remember when this game first released, such good times. Old and new Zelda is great!

  30. I think fictional religion must be less ignored in fiction, i know creators are afraid they are gonna create a religion that is similar to an already existing religion, but religion is one of the big parts of culture so i hope we will see more fictional religion in fiction that is not a mirror to real religions/beliefs or none at all

  31. I myself thought the Triforce stands for Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, with GOD being at the center triangle

  32. Micah Buzan ANIMATION

    I feel like most religious fans of Zelda would feel honored to have their religion referenced in the series.

  33. I like it somehow

  34. I mean it makes sense, not like Jesus is canon.

  35. the fist triforce father son and holy ghost

  36. Very odd that I find this when there’s 666 comments.

  37. Link is Based