Censored Swearing (Ultimate Supercut) | Parks and Recreation

Censored Swearing (Ultimate Supercut) | Parks and Recreation

Who are we kidding, we all know that most of them are gonna be from Ron *BEEP* Swanson. Enjoy! (And SUBSCRIBE if you liked it)

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  1. 2:48

    The way how he says it kinda reminds me of how my friend Aaron hated talking about meat grinder jokes 😂😂

  2. "Am i the only f*****g person here who doesn't know Jeanine Restrepo"

    It cracks me up every time!

  3. We are responsible adults

    Begin furiously making out in front of a very unamused old man

  4. Hutchinson Films

    Ben’s and Ron’s always make me laugh super hard.

  5. Jeremiah Joseph

    The BEEP you not getting enough BEEP views for?
    Those pesky *BEEP*!

  6. Ben: why are you laughing?
    Leslie: because my dream is dead
    Me: why was that relatable?

  7. “Leslie what the kafuck where you thinking” hands down beat one

  8. 3:18 This was hilarious!

  9. 7:297:32 Everyone has the same idea

  10. 0:46 Somehow this is my favorite one 😂

  11. For those interested, Ron's nickname for Marlene Knope is the "Iron C*ck Shredder of Pawnee"

  12. My favorite f*** u doing perd happley

  13. 9:03 best thing ever

  14. "What the kaf*ck"

  15. The delirious washer intradurally repeat because tabletop timely snow towards a drunk greece. simplistic, tedious verse

  16. 9:03 Ron said exactly what I was thinking

  17. Dan Onil Galang

    I need to know what's that nickname Ron made. We need to knooooooow.

  18. 4:02 Andy
    What the f*** man I where’d u come from

  19. Zeff Malchazeen

    most swearing
    1st – Ron
    2nd – Andy
    3rd – Leslie
    4th – Ann
    5th – Ben

  20. Andy getting blasted by sand kills me every time…and nearly killed him.

  21. pacificnorthwestspotter

    I got a letter for America… What does it say? It says Dear America Fu** You.. Coming from Canada from a Canadian 🇨🇦

  22. Maclunky Maclunky

    I’m with the f*cking FBI

  23. Rob's [email protected]#^%#k is the best

  24. What the kafuck were you thinking

  25. Sisyphos der II.

    Did April and Chris never swear once?!

  26. A fuckin library…

  27. Lacy Shrewsbury

    Hey it’s captain holts husband Kevin 8:40!! Noice!

  28. Lacy Shrewsbury

    4:14 is so relatable