Cheap Hackintosh Build | Apple Mac OSX High Sierra Hackintosh

OSX High Sierra is a fantastic operating system, but unfortunately a cheap mac doesn’t exist, can we make a cheap hackintosh build that will perform well?

Today Eevnos takes a look at a budget hackintosh built from an HP EliteDesk 800 to see how this Intel core i7 Hackintosh performs in various tasks like gaming and Final Cut Pro on Apple MacOS High Sierra.

☀ Product mentioned:
Nvidia GT1030 Low Profile –
USB Audio adapter:
HP Elitedesk 800 G1 – i5:
HP Elitedesk 800 G1 – i7:

☀ Gear used for the video:
Panasonic Lumix G7 Camera:
Limo Studio Lights:
Audio-Technica ATR3350iS Mic:

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Twitter –
Instagram –

☀ Music:
Music by Dj Quads


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  1. What does your budget hackintosh build consist of? Let me know below..
    Also forgot to mention this is running High Sierra.

  2. Can I use the G2 variant if the 800 prodesk series?

  3. l built mine on a hp 600 g1 sff l am not into gaming so the stock graphics card was fine, no sound problem and an edup usb and no name usb blue tooth dongle bought both for under $20 plus $75 i paid for the computer was the total cost. some programs crash the computer, mainly apple tv and the apple store, but apart from that its a cheap quick imac, but it is slow to boot up and wont wake up from suspension

  4. Le quedará a una i5 de la misma característica esta Tarjeta Grafica 1gb Ddr3 Amd Radeon Hd 7470 Bajo Perfil

  5. A little birdy told me that these machines also make excellent Xpenology (Synology hack) machines. And with 3 Sata ports, you can do raid too 🙂

  6. Do you think this will work as well: HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Small Form Desktop Computer Tower PC (Intel Quad Core i5-4570, 16GB Ram, 240GB Brand New Solid State SSD, WIFI) ?

  7. I am attempting to try and install hackintosh (haven't done any hackintosh before) on my HP Prodesk 600 G2 Mini.. but I am not having luck with the installation. My pc is running on i5 6500T, 32GB RAM, samsung evo 850 250GB. Tried, transmac/balenaEtcher/win32DiskImager with no success. Now, I am not sure if this pc is hackintoshable or not.

  8. Olá .. tinha como você configurar minha máquina,? Já está tudo instalado eigh Sierra .. só falta configurar o bot sem pendriver e aguns drivers

  9. you look like the hulk guy from the new marvel movies

  10. What's the difference between this one and 600 g1? 🤔

  11. Hey, do you remember the multibeast settings for the same?

  12. Selling for 100 dollars on Ebay now. Really cheap hackintosh to build.

  13. Dislike….u didn’t explain the process how u installed it……fix the title.

  14. Not a single walk through video on all you Hackintosh videos. Without a walkthrough its all just a waste of time to watch. At least please give us the Bios settings and if its Mulitbeast or Vanilla. What chances in the bios settings from the default???

  15. I have the same machine. I wish you would have listed your install step and what KEXTS you need to make it work…

  16. Does message work??

  17. Any tutorial on making this? I'm have the same machine.

  18. Would this work with the HP 800 G2? Also would the M.2 slot on the G2 run and boot off of an NVME M.2? Thanks

  19. Do you have a video where you walk through the bios and all that stuff?

  20. hi mate not able to install getting boot issues in usb installer

  21. Hello, please send me bios settings Thank you 👍

  22. Will suffice Integrated Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4600? Thanks

  23. Does the wifi and bluetooth work for this build?

  24. What are your bios settings? Trying to do the same with G2 600 but can't install properly.

  25. can i run the Hackintosh on this device with the iGPU intel HD 4600

  26. Hi, I've been running hackintosh on HP 800 G1 TWR (i7, 16GB ram, integrated HD4600, PCIex audio RME HDSPe AIO), worked great with El Capitan 10.11.6,
    recently I upgraded to High Sierra 10.13.6, and since then I have strange freezes (usually sound glitches too) and I need to hard reset entire rig,
    are you using Clover/Multibeast? if yes, can you share your entire EFI folder?
    cheers, thx for the video 🙂

  27. Replace the PSU if you can swing it…these seem to be the weak point from a reliability standpoint as well. We deployed these elitedesk at work. PSU was the weak point. Good PCs overall.

  28. does imessage and wifi work?

  29. How did you get the hp 800 g1 for $120

  30. the gt 1030 isnt as bad as he says it is. it can literally play any game high settings to med on windows not get lag. its not a gaming card but its better then a gtx 750

  31. Great video! Thanks! The whole “Hackintosh” concept is fascinating to me, but there’s still a lot I don’t understand, and can’t wrap my head around. All the videos I can find talk about HARDWARE, but how do you get the OS, especially older ones (and not get in trouble)? I have a ton of old Windows PCs and laptops laying around, from Dell, HP, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Acer, IBM, and others, and I would LLLOVE to learn this new skill. As a Windows guy, how do I get and install the OS?

  32. Hi there,

    Just got an HP 800 G1 and added a 1050ti graphics card. However I’m
    Having a hard time figuring out what kext I need to build my usb installer.
    Do you have an install guide that you will be willing to share ?


    Come to realize doing a build like this you don’t need to worry about kext. There are a some guides out there that show you how to use unibeast to install OS X and then multibeast to setup your kexts as fine tune your machine.

  33. Thanks for doing this. Puts the big budget hackintosh vidz into perspective…

  34. Hey, how does Logic Pro X work on your Hackintosh? I really want to build a Hackintosh just for Logic Pro X but I'm scared about the build and install process.

  35. now nvidia driever are F

  36. link to high sierra download?

  37. Why You Said that your forhead is big lol:/

  38. i bought th i5 version of this machine cause my iMac was so painfully slow. having to consider get back to windows systems. Now you use it as hackingtosh.
    Im just not sure i want to pass trough all the process of reconvert a system.
    I've put 3 hdd to my Ed800g1ssf, one of them a 120gb ssd (it seems it's really so little space). Nut after all it works.
    FInally the iMac is planned to be used for netflix…

  39. These are awesome.. I got 2 ProDesk 400 G3 with i5 skylake for $200 each on eBay..dual booted Windows and OSX…great video.. also downloading one of the Realtek kexts should fix your the onboard audio…I installed them and it started working then I did the process of elimination until I found which one made it work. Hope this helps!

  40. VoodooHDA.kext might work for audio
    Clover / kext

  41. The HP system you link to is an i5, but you describe it as being an i7… maybe I missed something.

  42. Having parts on hand does not excuse you from excluding them from the final cost. Also, having had a great deal of experience with that particular machine (hundreds at work) I can tell you the power supply will kill the motherboard. Folks would be better off buying the individual parts and getting something more durable.

  43. Can you do a Hackintosh build for pro audio video? (maybe mid priced at or just under $1,000 or so)

  44. Nice one, as always – From Sydney!. Comments (take em or leave em, I'm a grown up).
    1. Have you done a build guide on TM or IM? Please link.
    2. Yes, Premiere/AE would be great. The two things to test would be:
    • Metal vs • Cuda rendering. CUDA HS drivers are a bit 'broken', you'll probably need this: