Cradle Of Filth – From the Cradle of Enslave (Censored) [Official Video]

Cradle Of Filth – From the Cradle of Enslave (Censored) [Official Video]

Cradle Of Filth – From The Cradle Of Enslave (Censored) Official Video
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wo thousand fattened years like maniacs
Have despoiled our common grave
Now what necrophagous Second Coming backs
From the cradle to enslave?

Sickle constellations
Stud the belts that welt the sky
Whilst the bitter winter moon
Prowls the cloud, dead-eyed
Like shifting parent flesh
Under silk matricide…

Watchful as she was upon Eden
Where every rose arbour and orchard she swept
Hid the hissing of a serpent Libido
In an ancient tryst with catastrophe
Soon the be kept

Hear that hissing now on the breeze
As through the plundered groves of the carnal garden
A fresh horror blows but ten billion souls
Are blind to see the rotting wood for the trees

This is the theme to a better Armageddon
Nightchords rake the heavens

And what use are prayers to that god?
As devils bay concensus for the space to piss
On your smouldering faith
And the mouldering face
Of this world long a paradise lost

This is the end of everything
Hear the growing chora that a new dawn shall bring

Danse macabre ‘neath the tilt of the zodiac
Now brighter stars shall reflect on our fate
What sick nativities will be freed when those lights burn black?
The darkside of the mirror always threw our malice back…

I see the serpentine in your eyes
The nature of the beast as revelations arrive

Our screams shall trail to Angels
For those damned in flames repay
All sinners lose their lot on Judgement Day
We should have cut our looses as at Calvary
But our hearts like heavy crosses held the vain belief
Salvation, like a promised nation
Gleamed a claim away…

This is the end of everything you have ever known
Buried like vanquished reason
Death is season
Drive like the drifting snow
Peace, a fragile lover, left us fantasising war
On our knees or another f**ker’s shore
Heiling new flesh
Read, then roared
To a crooked cross and a Holy Cause
What else be whipped to frenzy for?

This is the end of everything
Rear the tragedies
That the Seraphim shall sing

Old adversaries
Next to Eve
Now they’re clawing back
I smell their cumming
As through webbed panes of meat
Led by hoary Death
They never left
Dreaming sodomies
To impress on human failure
When we’ve bled upon our knees

Tablatures of gravel law
Shall see Gehennah paved
When empires fall
And nightmares crawl
From the cradle to enslave….

This is the end of everything

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  1. And here in Sweden I must prove that l have salubrated my 18:th years day. That's so long ago so I don't even remmember that day…


  3. Cradle of Filth is so bad it's good

  4. Still loving it uuuuaaaaaahhh 🙂

  5. Nemanja Živojinović

    so i spoiled your plan to destroy the world and start new ras sothis is proposed tome. -Let it be. the worse the better

  6. My like favorit

  7. De omnibus dubito

    Ееее бля!

  8. I used to love cradle but ive found now..after 22 years of listening to them… i absolutely cant stand Dani's voice. His screetching sounds like a cat being stepped on… Repeatedly



  10. 사탄과 졸개들이 무지하게 좋아하겠다

  11. Puto asco con la censura… Se están perdiendo los valores…

  12. good video clip which shows what await's those who will not folow Jesus Christ.

  13. shirif al noukary

    There are those who claim to be you, and every time we hear you, they eat something else
    Like a god who hates you
    I like you dani

  14. it took me only 17 years to find out there's a CENSORED version of this video (I live in Brazil, so, CoF never goes on MTV, then, I needed to download the video to watch)

  15. Тема сисек не раскрыта. Многие сцены заменены (цензура). В оригинале, девочки водили смычок не по скрипкам, а по своим рукам над ванной… Короче все жестокие сцены убрали. Не интересно стало смотреть.

  16. WeatheredClay99

    Cringy 2015 days are coming back! 😁👍🏻

  17. Сергей Владимирович NIKA LTD

    слишком пиздато звучит, чтоб забыть эту молитву ))

  18. Gabriel tiene su chatada

  19. Lorena C. Arrieta

    The uncensored version of this video is pure awesomeness. 🤘🏻💀

  20. When I was young, at 17, it was one of my favorite songs. 21 years later I'm listening to KPop but that's still so cool🤘

  21. Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight 2.0

    Stuart Anstis is so cool here

  22. I'm totally feeling the singers jacket. The whole nipple exposure thing is right up my alley. If there was more artist that would show there nipples off more, the world would be a much more happier place to live..

  23. Puissant …

  24. Que porra! As melhores partes do clipe foi editada censurada. Ficou uma merda👎

  25. Beautiful dark poetry and melodic mayhem…. Perfection incarnate CoF at their finest ! m/💀 m/

  26. Игорь Струговец

    жаль что убрали момент, где они смычками вены себе режут. меня он очень сильно впечатлил пятнадцать лет назад))))

  27. 1zigzag1 1zigzag1

    Grow up

  28. ნატუკა ხადიშვილი

    29.11.2021 🖤🤘

  29. Nemanja Živojinović

    Mami kuvaj tamo

  30. Nemanja Živojinović


  31. ACTS 16:31 (KJV)

    the hums of hell

  32. I love this fucking amazing band, but sometimes I can't understand him….

  33. Крута штука

  34. Jéssica Matzenbacher

    Coisa horrorosa e nojenta!!!

  35. Кир Корнилов

    Хороший клип,но смотреть лучше без цензуры,восприятие совсем другое будет.

  36. Halloween 🎃 party


    Got this CD from Columbia House for one cent. It was import to from England

  38. i remember in school, music teacher showed us this video as something that would depict "extreme music" as a negative of course , i was like thanks my dude , i will worship this

  39. моя любовь навеки)

  40. I intensively listened it long long time ago. An I am still dont understand how I could be in past so big id*ot, which listen eunuch in leggings who sounds like sh*t – Danny Filth is the Farinelli in XXI century. Sry for my english

  41. Excellent piano skills.

  42. I got IT. Their message is Bright and clear. The public is Aware of the tyrans. The lazyboys is the first tyrans, The coward are tyrrannical too. Ok, Then action. Europe is betrayed from His tops officials.

  43. Rebeca Angela Contreras Moreno

    There are only 6 minutes left I do not want metal music to die because there is nothing better than this, nothing can replace them or the money remember my words and the tears that I shed for each exciting big concert that I could sneak in to see them, at least once … now there are only 4 minutes left and then it will be only 3 minutes to know your new song, I can tell you that you will return to the stage to debut with your precious music because you are the muses that inspire our lives I love you and treasure with much happiness every job they do. Thank you for existing, do not give up and may rock and metal live forever in our spirits and blood, now there is only 1 minute left to see them again, thank you.

  44. Love this band

  45. ❤️ direto do Brasil ouvindo essas músicas

  46. This was the first song after Nicholas left..and you can really tell the drums sound pretty weak here..still cradles first proper video and a good song