Crimsix ROASTS Censor RAGE QUIT, Pros Might Ban MP40 in CDL?! 🌶️

Crimsix ROASTS Censor RAGE QUIT, Pros Might Ban MP40 in CDL?! 🌶️

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0:00 Alright guys
0:28 CDL Improvements
2:10 Potential GAs
3:50 Crimsix vs Censor
7:50 Bocage / Hidden Spots

TacticalRab, Tactical Rab, CoD Esports News, CDL Competitive, Crimsix ROASTS Censor RAGE QUIT, Pros Might Ban MP40 in CDL?! 🌶️


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CDL 2022 Teams – Confirmed:
Atlanta FaZe: aBeZy / Simp / Cellium / Arcitys
LA Thieves: Drazah / Envoy / Kenny / Octane
LA Guerrillas: Asim / Huke / Gunless / SlasheR
Minnesota Rokkr: Standy / Priestahh / Attach / Maniak
Toronto Ultra: CleanX / Bance / Cammy / Insight
Seattle Surge: Pred / Mack / Sib / Accuracy
Florida Mutineers: Havok / Owakening / Skyz / Davpadie
New York Subliners: Neptune / HyDra / Crimsix / Clayster
OpTic Texas: Shotzzy / Scump / iLLeY / Dashy
Paris Legion: FeLo / Temp / Decemate / John
London Royal Ravens: Afro / Nastie / Gismo / Zer0

CDL 2022 Teams – Rumoured:
12th Team ? / ? / ? / ?

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  1. DooM super kush420


  2. God I would pay any amount for you to slow down when you talk, I love the updates and I appreciate you being on top of cod news… but I can barely understand a word that comes out of your mouth

  3. You talk to much

  4. Really more "doug" bs? Slow news day yet again? Nice guy don't get me wrong, but enough of challengers Doug. Lots of other players to focus on

  5. Banger vid

  6. Lets go Rab

  7. kids that are actually good in high school will most likely be grinding snd to make connections with snd stars and top ams so when they turn 18 they have a really good starting base in challengers. Doubt they’ll wanna play in a school league that won’t get them any opportunities on a good challengers team. Going the snd way or maybe to halo and coming back when ur 18 is a better route too. And no offense, but most of the kids in these school leagues are really bad, like have u seen the gameplay😂😭

  8. Great vid Rab goat 🐐

  9. pro 8s + doug

  10. I'm convinced censor is rabs favorite Cod player of all time

  11. Why would the pros keep banning guns it makes no sense at all

  12. problem with doug is he’s so outspoken, a little bit corny and definitely thinks he’s the main character staring in his own movie. But because he’s so outspoken, his highs and lows are amplified. Super Hyped if he wins, super embarrassing when he loses.

  13. I think making Cod teams/classes in High Schools is genius. Gives student a sense of drive and purpose and a potential gaming career. Whether it's learning how to create video games or play test them. Making school fun actually..

  14. Wait Vanguard is free to play ? How?.. or is that cap?

  15. Didn’t even know there were high school esport teams, that’s pretty cool. In the future, I’d love to see some organized youth esport league’s (age bracket 5-12)

  16. Slow down talking bro fuxk👍😂

  17. Doug looks great in challengers, but then looks like a bot whenever he plays with and against pros.

  18. The stg is way more overpowered. Its been like 3 cods in a row where ar’s are overpowered and they still only cry about the smg.

  19. W vid

  20. Vivid is speaking facts #AR12 🐐

  21. The ARs get banned??? In mw 2019 every sub was GAd except mp5. In Cold War most were GAd and the ones that weren’t were trash and they took every attachment and kept the m4 half the season and continued to use a laser of a krig. I’m confused here when you say “the ARs are normally the ones receiving GAs” that’s cap. They cry all year long and camp lanes with 0 recoil lol

  22. reviewmaster reviews

    Paris might as well just add censor I mean what’s the worst than can happen I don’t think they can get any worse 😂

  23. u gotta speak for my team rab me and my team played in the hsel for the fall major to be able to go to texas and play at the stadium where major 5 was held. we know inner grove and they are playing in the same major we were playing in and the hsel wrongfully took us out of the major and we didnt break any rules you gotta help us #freeTEC

  24. i hope you are all doing well and enjoying your day

  25. If the mp40 gets banned I’ll lose my shit no cap

  26. Theyre not talking about the mp40!! Theyre talking about the RATT!!!

  27. Hardpoint on Apocalypse is one of the few things I miss from CW… hot take, maybe not idk, and idc.

  28. Thought Nade and Courage made good points on the podcast re timing of the season. CDL lose the momentum of the new game hype by waiting so long. People will be even more over Vanguard by time CDL starts and Warzone new map would've distracted everyone again. They should've been capitalising when they hype was there and Warzone was stale. I know they need a few weeks to fix bugs and sort mapsets, GAs etc but will feel like whatever buzz there was hasn't been capitalised on by anyone except Hitch with his tourneys. And bloody good on em for carrying the off season.

  29. Im not kidding. As a new team censor could be such a good player to pick up. He would come with a big fan base and will give the team good exposure and tbh he is not a bad player. And he is the type of player that everybody would keep an eye on…imagine censors first game back in the pro scene. His team would 100% get more viewers then any other team in the league without optic.

  30. Can we talk about how C6 and Huke were playing the 8's together.

  31. Almost finished vision from ages ago so had to take some time to catch up the two days I’ve missed of rab

  32. Pros complain every year about the guns shooting too straight. Then every year the meta is the easiest guns in the game. Either go with the Volk and Thompson Meta or shut up.

  33. Maybe they just want a set rule set but I don't know why alternative spawn delay hasn't been considered. Surely some maps could flow better if they have an alternative spawn delay, depending on the size of the map etc.