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BỎ MÁY TÍNH VỚI iPAD PRO M2, TẠI SAO KHÔNG? #shopdunk #apple #ipad

Hàng có sẵn, đến ShopDunk mua ngay iPad gen 10 và iPad Pro M2 tại: …


  1. feren OS with mac and cheese theme with mac icons is the best

  2. can i run some apps like zoom, microsoft teams, or ms word in this os?

  3. As of right now this video seems to only support 720p and i don't know why. I made and edited it in 1440p, my original file also is 1440p. I don't know what happened but YouTube decided to not have this in more than 720p. apparently.

    Edit: On my phone i can see it in 1440p. just not on my PC. so i dont know what is even happening