Dan Bongino: They want everyone censored

Dan Bongino: They want everyone censored

Fox News host Dan Bongino breaks down liberals’ reactions to reports Twitter intends to close the deal for billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of the social media company on ‘Unfiltered with Dan Bongino.’
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  1. we humans don't know when the world would end, only God knows the time, The deep is under satan's command

  2. Joe Biden was the one who said he would do something about the pipe line, he makes a lot of vailed threats. And the deep state, military industrial complex which he represents stands ready.

  3. I'm so tired of crazy conservatives shouting to their audience of millions about how censored they are. Good god.

  4. Invasion from Mars

  5. oopsy, 'airplanes.' 😉
    Always a control force prevalent.

  6. Analogy:
    We have vehicles, aurplanes, trains, electricity, penicillin because those 'inquiring intelligent minds' thought, were blessed with knowledge and more than likely ridiculed and laughed at.
    Get the point?

    ●●●THIS IS IT!!!●●●

  8. Hey Dan
    When are you all gonna talk about the 3rd Quarter GDP?? Since they say 2 Quarters down is not a RECESSION. DOES A 3rd Quarter at 2.8 mean a Recession???

  9. ब्रेन जैपर तकनीक अवसाद के उपचार में कारगर,३२ करोड़ से ज्यादा लोग डिप्रेशन के शिकार हैं दुनियाभर में, शोधकर्ताओं का दावा: हर रोज पांच मिनट के हल्के विधुत चुंबकीय प्रवाह से इलाज किया जा सकेगा।👍👍👍👍👍

  10. I don't consent. I am being held against my will.

  11. I dont marry a Chinese president.

  12. So Dan is saying the truth here, because Dems are getting more Communist every day…they use the same propaganda, deny free speech tactics.
    They promote lies, and have trouble with the truth.

  13. Oh my goodness the world that I grew up in, is going to hell in a handbasket.

  14. Speaking online has nothing to so with "parties". Please wake up people, please wake up.

  15. Israel lobby runs all us systems. Theybrun the digital id. Im blocked from social media because ivsau what you dont want to know

  16. Dan; YOUR RIGHT! FREEDOM matters.

  17. You see Will… Nothing is sacred anymore…

  18. Haven't been able to access Rumble in three days

  19. Already checked the ballot. All I need to know. Vote YES on 4 state referendums and then vote GOP candidates all down the ballot. In and then out. Piece of cake. No brainer.

  20. Thanks Dano!

  21. Dan the man .Thank you sir for all you're hard Work.

  22. The Conservative Fem

    I left truth to go to Twitter to teach too. I don't argue back I just drop the research and teach civics and history. Good to know Dan went back recently because it's mid terms and we need to reach the literal ignorant left.

  23. Dan, your sky is still falling. Stay inside. Be afraid. Do not think. Increase your fear.


  25. it’s like a five year old I want it and I want it now and I don’t care what your reasoning is or why it’s not good for me I want it NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW Sounds like Joe Biden when he gets mad at his speech or anyone that gets mad at you when you try to reason with them five-year-olds

  26. they are wazzers

  27. Dan, quit trying to explain, they know we're RIGHT and we don't need to say anything, this is a back and forth free speech country from the beginning and it is going to say that way. The rest of you, go back where your parents came from they git it, you don't! Your ANTI – AMERICAN YOU MIGHT BE A CITIZENS, BUT YOUR NO… AMERICAN!

  28. It's about people now… in power who weren't before and now that they think their in some kind of power seats their going to push after all these yr.'s. They will bring this country to it's knees. Cause of all the white rule all these yr.'s. Bull, you people were given a chance to be in a better life and we suppressed you, go eat goats cheese! White, built it, made it, and we're going to keep it free, and make sure it stays great, you forgot one thing, it was never yours, and it never will be. If anyone is go to push us out from making this nation great, it will be THE TRUE AMERICAN INDIAN! AND you all aren't them. Y

  29. Socialism on the rise in the west. Attacking democracy. Birth control. Climate change. Genda equality. Indoctrination in our university's and schools. Censorship. All part of the illuminati agenda that was told long ago. The west enamy isn't Russia or China. But a cult that's within each of our own nations.

  30. Kirby is a deuche who denies truth and deceives the people. One day they will be exposed.

  31. Russia, Russia, all over again. Please stop it already.