DD Win2019 EN to Oracle Cloud Free Tier VM

I have published a couple videos (Win7, 2012, 2016, 2022) to show the process DD windows OS into Oracle Cloud free tier VM (1GB RAM, and 1oCPU). The whole process only needs one command. This video is to show the process for Win2019 OS. This 2019 image is full version, not lite version.

1. 3:56 – Login Oracle Cloud and Create a Ubuntu Instance
2. 5:13 – Login to your Ubuntu Instance using Putty
3. 5:31 – Get your Image url (win7, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022). re-write following command to include the URL. Paste URL into Ubuntu
wget –no-check-certificate -qO InstallNET.sh ‘ && bash InstallNET.sh -dd ‘
4. 8:17 – Open RDP 3389 in Network Security Group.
5. 8:48 – RDP into Win2019 VM

Command can be found from following posts:
✍Commands and Image Links :

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  1. Error! read grub config!

  2. Great Video, I have done it and it lac a lot, as windows uses 1gb of full ram 🙁 and C drive space is only 14.5gb free is 2.5bg only

  3. Is this still work? I tryed hard on oracle ubuntu. After ssh disconnected. I can't use it not even work on rdp

  4. I followed your process, but Allow3389 can Not be found?

  5. Great video. Different OS like MX Linux can install as this guide?

  6. Also could you tell me if this Windows Server image licsense will expire after 180 days? Does Oracle have the option to install their Licensed windows server image? thank you.

  7. Great video. Can we use Ampere ARM CPU for Windows ? or do we have to use AMD? thank you.

  8. network security group is not showing allow 3389 why?

  9. arm ampere pls with windows

  10. I am not able to use it, the remote connection is not made, even with RDP open on the panel and also with the installation, the connection closes in the terminal.

  11. How can oracle know that i am running windows?

  12. best windows version for oracle free tier is 2012 lite. full 2019 – this is the worst choice!