Destroying Mac OS X on a real Mac!

You don’t have to read what’s below, it’s just a “behind the scenes” look (and the song’s name).

Because I was bored, I set up a second partition on my macbook pro and I installed some OS’s in it. First, I tried windows xp 64-bit, expecting it to be fast, but it wasn’t, and many drivers didn’t work, so I replaced it with mac os x lion (why lion is explained later).
Because I didn’t really need it for anything, and snow leopard is way better (I used to have mountain lion, but I recently downgraded to snow leopard, and my mac feels like a brand new computer now), before deleting the partition, I destroyed the OS. The reaction is different from when I tried it on a virtual machine two years ago. It’s quite funny.

I’m loving having snow leopard on my computer again. Sadly, some apps are already starting to drop support for snow leopard (for example Pocket and iCloud), however, I can just use the Pocket website and bookmarklet, iCloud mail and notes still work in the snow leopard mail app, I have the reminders on my iPhone but I can read them on the iCloud website too… so far everything’s working the way I like it to. And for backing up documents online I use dropbox, not that crappy iCloud which only works on macs and iphones with the expensive Pages app. For actual apps I made a mac os x mavericks developer preview virtual machine, so not only do I get the apps I need working, but I also try out the latest pre-release version of the mac os, which still doesn’t beat snow leopard though.
However, when snow leopard gets too old (kinda like mac os x tiger is today, that os has been the latest mac os x version for 30 months, but now it’s pretty much useless unless you like vintage computing), I will upgrade to lion (not mountain lion because for a little conflict with the EFI firmware and my hard drive I can’t upgrade to anything newer than 10.8.2, and the latest version of mountain lion is 10.8.4), and I already have the install files for lion handy, which I tried on this secondary partition today.

Song: Macklemore & ryan lewis – bombom (feat. the teaching)


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  1. 3:44 when apple is undecided of what error should it give

  2. This is Mac OS X Lion guys, the Mountain Lion version had a notification center that was on.

  3. Oh dear… That "stupid" and funny partition name… Where did you get it from?

  4. 0:02 1:40 1:41 … why… the username is… Dick Head?? Is it your random (user)name? Please let me know because I'm very curious!
    P.S: I don't want to blame you, so please don't block me.

  5. windows doesnt have a seizure when its booting up when destroyed, therefore Mac OS X is better at being destroyed.

  6. At the time, why Mac OS X Snow Leopard is only your favorite operating system?

  7. This would make a cruel prank

  8. 3:223:52 TRIGGERED

    (So many logos appear in a second and Macbook went nuts)

  9. Thanks! My dad's mac pro is next

  10. press enter for enough damage

  11. 3:42 Apple logo is having seizures

  12. I saw about 5 years Apple and it was cool 2 years later it was still cool 1 year later I said hmm Apple is still good 8 months later I said no way Apple has New iPhone X so 1 month later I said Nah Apple is not good 2 days later I wanted to check iPhone X I saw that cost a lot 3 days later Boooooo Apple is not good ok why it is bad

  13. It's shifting from normal startup to startup prohibited and system volume not found extremely quickly. And on a loop.

  14. i try snow leopard before as a vm it was fun to play with

  15. lol im watchng this video on mac os 10.12.3

  16. Even if you erased your hard drive and recovery, you can still recover your Mac using internet recovery.

  17. you where in a vinesauce video.

  18. The best thing about this is you can just reinstall the operating system using internet recovery.

  19. the apple logo was flashing Damaged or incompatible and system volume cannot be Detected

  20. "i installed… windows xp" did u seriously expect windows xp to be fast on a platform that doesn't use an intel cpu?

  21. 3:22
    "i cant decide
    rather if you should live or die"

  22. Can the MacBook Pro 2009 handle Yosemite/el capitan?

  23. joel is downloading boobs

  24. 3:40 I think that mac's trying to tell us something

  25. This video was uploaded to YouTube on my 9th birthday. Now, I'm gonna be 11 this year (2015)

  26. Suntokin smarter baoauqpqlab markees ฝกแสผ้ทjama uaj

  27. What the heck is going wrong with the apple logo when starting?!

  28. I think Mountain Lion is the best of all. mavericks is the starting of bad ideas and bad interface on a mac. Yosemite is the suicide project of apple. Its interface is the worst possible.