Does GTA 5 Need To Be CENSORED When Expanded & Enhanced Releases For PS5 And Xbox Series X?

Does GTA 5 Need To Be CENSORED When Expanded & Enhanced Releases For PS5 And Xbox Series X?

Does GTA 5 Need To Be CENSORED When Expanded & Enhanced Releases For PS5 And Xbox Series X?
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In today’s Grand Theft Auto 5 video – Does GTA 5 Need To Be CENSORED When Expanded & Enhanced Releases For PS5 And Xbox Series X?


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  1. Stop the woke culture

  2. xTheBloodyDeadx

    If rockstar is smart enough, they’ll give both this woman and the article the finger, who cares if what’s said in the game won’t fly today, no, your opinions and your attitude is what’s wrong here, the game already has a warning on it, it’s called M 17+ it means it’s looking for a mature audience, they don’t need to change anything, if ya don’t like it, than don’t play it, don’t destroy something that everyone loves just because you believe it’s wrong and you think your doing everyone a favour when your only making it worse

  3. Ciel Phantomhive

    We shouldn't bend and abandon reality just cause it hurts some delusional peoples feelings!

  4. There is a Trans club it’s one one the properties you can buy in single player but I don’t remember it make fun of them.

  5. I come from old America, where freedom of speech and censorship was the fight.

  6. No censored in the middle

  7. Farhan Rizki Ahnafa

    It's Shirrako all over again. Just because you can do anything you like in GTA, doesn't mean you should cross the line.

  8. They shouldn't simply because it's satire they aren't making fun of the LGBT+ community, they are making fun of the homophobic people

  9. Judas

  10. I say stop worrying about what 10% of people might be offended by and just do what they do. I sick of all these sensitive ass people. I say leave it. Put a disclaimer at most.

  11. mmahdi shamkhali

    This is one of the consequences for the leftists to come to power

  12. Dylan John Cahill


  13. Trans npc can be found by the clubs downtown on the vinewood strip

  14. Its dumb to censor free speech bc it contribute part of the sjw agenda in gaming which is oppressing anything perceived as sightly offensive.

  15. actually, there is an option when you install the game to disable and enable profanities and bad language in the game, but then again, if you dont like what you see in the game, dont buy it and/or play it…😏

  16. Trevor Phillips

    The game is not for children. It is an adult themed game. Maybe better parenting is in order instead of censorship of a satirical video game. Sick and tired of hippies doing this with everything that doesn't suit their narrative.

  17. Boi just tell the homosexuals and the rest of them to not play gta5

  18. no

  19. We need less censoring. What we kids.

  20. Carolyn





  21. People laugh at funny things it's okay to be uncomfortable with things
    Phobia suggests fear no one's afraid except the ones who are offended

  22. If people don't like it they shouldn't play it

    My God the whole country has to do everything the LGBTQRSRJFJFJSHDHFJ cry babies wants and we are sick of it!!!

    We don't have to take parts of our lives away because some people get offended if you don't like it don't play it!!! My God when did people become such babies

  23. The M rated label on the game is what the warning is people need to grow up and parents need to pay attention to what their kids play and the one place I have found any lgbt stuff is "cockatoos" over by the mod shop in the city and there is a pink limo in front some times

  24. No the game don't need censored people need to stop game but her over stupid little thing it's a f**** game if they have a problem with that and get hurt over that that can cry me a river

  25. Liberals. GTFOH. Leave the GTA COMMUNITY ALONE.

  26. Welcome to the new woke order

  27. If they do I won’t buy it

  28. Bro censoring it is like adding nudity to Minecraft. It’s gonna fully ruin sales and ruin the game and the player base in a way.
    Ok and ik that mc is a weird relation but u get it

  29. Look up the videos of Don Rickles. He is offensively funny and it is what you expect just like in GTA! It's sad how all it takes is one person or group that can affect our lifestyles. Look at all the statues and flags that are coming down and being changed because of one group whether it be religious or whatever being offended.

  30. Mr Boss so what your saying is this isnt even a game for us 30 year olds. we've been waiting 8 years just to get canceled.. we need more adult content, why does everything have to for kids? can they afford internet and rent!? look at your audience rockstar

  31. Dude, there’s a club in north Los Santos not far from Eclipse tower that always has transgenders standing outside hanging out in the middle of the night.

  32. They don't need to censored the game it is an adult game, people just need to stop taking offense to everything before they ruin the game

  33. Pubgadiction 27

    Needs to remain because people are to sensitive and if their going to complain about the game being to "harmful" then just don't buy it

  34. 2013 was way better than nowadays

    In 2013 people used to understand jokes, sadly now people are DUMB

  35. "Carolyn" Petit is a man!

  36. They should not all this what make rock star

  37. This all started from swegta making that video back in June crying about this and now he's threatening to self delete himself on Twitter every week

  38. Millennia Productions

    No gta or any video games should not be censored