Dr. Jordan Peterson is being censored by the College of Psychologists — help fight back!

Dr. Jordan Peterson is being censored by the College of Psychologists — help fight back!

► | Help fight back against this attempted censorship!
Sheila Gunn Reid explains how the College of Psychologists of Ontario, the regulatory body for psychologists in the province, is attacking Dr. Jordan B. Peterson because of his political views — and we’re helping fight back!
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  1. Want to make a difference? Find out how at http://www.SavePeterson.com

  2. Rebel News once again attempting to fundraise thru these silly videos. Is Ezra that bankrupt?

  3. Now the daily wire is censoring him

  4. Re education camp? I thought that was China or North Korea, not Canada

  5. I am in Australia and I couldn’t send an email as it wouldn’t accept my post code … ?

  6. Dr. Jordan Peterson is being censored by the College of Psychologists — help fight back!


  7. Anyone remember Dr. Pierre Mailloux from Quebec, Loud mouth on radio…. He actually got his license suspended, went to court, battled and got it back in the end.

    When they dont like what you say, they'll attack you from all angles.

  8. No more Mr nice guy!

  9. Fuerza desde Argentina un país socialista créanme no querrán hundirse en la miseria. Éramos como USA de ricos antes de 1936 y décadas de socialismo y ahora con la ola del libertinaje progre aún más.

  10. El virus woke es la reencarnación de Adolf.

  11. Re-education? Hmm…. Room 101?

  12. Shannon Lang-charlebois

    So they are actually not answering the phone so leave a well formed message…

  13. I see that almost 7K people have filled in your form to have an email sent to the College of Psychologists. Wow. Their inbox will be full!

  14. I already filed a complaint. I stand behind Dr.Peterson

  15. Obviously the fastest way for a country to go facist is through an accomodatng benevolent "democracy".

  16. Communist College of Psychologists have proven they cannot be trusted in the best interest of Canadians Mental Health and Wellness. Absolutely Sickening!

  17. Censor a psychologist for his points of view? This world has gone completely mad!

  18. Buisness owner Jean Pro

    Id just give them the finger and stop paying you're membership.

  19. The college is a straight up POS destroyer of freedom of speech

  20. We in the U.K. need to get rid of our poxy politicians and so do Canadians .There has to be a better way?!

  21. Theresa Beville

    R E D U C A T I O N spells GULAG

  22. The college of Psychologist of Ontario have overstepped their authority.

  23. Communist Canada Party!

  24. Sick and tired of turdeaus woke left agenda