Easiest. Hackintosh. Ever. – How to Install MacOS Virtual Machine on Your PC Using Sosumi & Ubuntu

Today, we’re going to create the world’s easiest hackintosh. Now, before you get too excited, it’s not actually strictly speaking a “Hackintosh” in that it doesn’t run on the bare metal. Instead it runs on a host operating system. So it’s the full MacOS; in this case, Catalina.

You can even pass-through your GPU.

You can use AMD processors, and you can give it a whole bunch of memory. It’s not quite as advanced as some other systems, but it is by far the easiest. Now, installing macos is never quick, but this is the least tedious, least intensive, and easiest to get going macos you can run, outside of using actual Apple Mac hardware.


What this will give you is a Mac that can run the internet. You can run Safari, you can get your iMessages and you can run Apple Mac software almost as if it’s native. And despite it being so easy, it’s actually quite capable, but there are some limitations. If you do want to go even further, then I’ll give you some tips at the end of this video for the next step to go even deeper.

But for now, if you just want to say, have iMessage running, or you want to be able to test things natively in Safari? Or if you want to do some quick coding that only an Apple Mac can do, then this is definitely for you.

As mentioned, it does need a host operating system. Now I’m reliably informed that Windows 10, using the Windows Subsystem for Linux can actually run these sorts of installations. Using the Snap Package Manager.

But I’m going to run this on my Ubuntu installation and Ubuntu is the easiest linux to set up in my opinion. And it has a very easy to follow installation procedure. That’s beyond the scope of this video, but let me know if you would like that step included in a future video.

If you want full control of the settings. If you want to have a really advanced system that is much more high performance, then go ahead and check out the repo for MacOS Simple KVM.


Sosumi actually builds on top of Macos-simple-KVM. In fact, Sosumi is pretty much an installer for this system and what this allows you to do is have a massively configurable virtual machine that is almost as powerful as running a real Hackintosh. There’s the steps here. As you can see, it is a lot more involved. You have to do a lot more manually, but once you have it set up. You can tweak everything about it. So, whereas in Sosumi we added memory and networking was bundled so it works out of the box.

You do have to do more setup, but as you can see, there’s a lot more configuration possible. You can even use it and a hosted virtual machine such as at Digital Ocean. That means that you could have your Mac set up remotely in the cloud.

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  1. hi i cannot pass through my usb. is there a way to do it ?

  2. Thanks for the video. Can you run XCode with simulators using this?

  3. Can procreate somehow run on this?

  4. anyone have any ideas on how to get it running at 1920×1080?

  5. having problems just launching sosumi. I launch it and then it just crashes. I think there isn't enought space since it's saying only 512mb in my 1st partition, but I created the vbox with 100gb. I'm confused

  6. Is there a GUI to change the QEMU setting without text editing?

  7. Press ESC in 1 seconds to skip startup.nsh or any other key to continue.

    After install I am stuck here

  8. is it possible to install Sosumi in Ubuntu Server (i.e. no Desktop Environment) ??

  9. A VM is not the same as installing it on the hard drive directly as the main OS. Just not good enough as far as performance and other things.

  10. Is it possible to use an already existing Apple ID without any kind of problem?

  11. I have Nvidia gpu does that matter… 😭

  12. I've seen similar tutorials, and the common denominator in all of them is AMD processors. I've tried setting up on my MSI gaming laptop with an Intel processor and performance was terrible. Is it likely due to the Intel chip or not having settings configured correctly?

  13. Hey there. Many thanks for your video!
    Unfortunately I wasn't able to get it working :(. I tried to run sosumi on a linux VM, but it just crashed and said can't find directory. My native OS is Windows. I would appreciate it so much if we could get a windows tutorial or some tutorial with a Linux VM 🙂

  14. Man…I gotta break it to you…THIS IS EASIEST APPROACH ON THE SUBJECT AT HAND!! Thank you so much for your time to make this tutorial possiblel! There was just enough info for me, a first time user of Ubuntu…I change platforms just to accomodate this,,, I've been using the hackintosh approach with Transmac and I 'll tell ya, this is just tooo good to be true, I may get a lil advanced into the setup after awhile! I installed it on my ASUS sonic master with great ese. You're the best. I spent 2 weeks trying to solved this puzzle and then boom, a great EASY solution. Many thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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