EEE PC 1005HA running Mac OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.1

DO NOT UPGRADE TO 10.6.2. WITH THAT UPDATE APPLE WILL END SUPPORT FOR ATOM PROCESSORS. There are hacked versions of the update, but I have not done that yet, so just google for info on that, I will NOT help you with updating to 10.6.2.

This is my ASUS 1005HA EEE PC, running Mac OSX 10.6.1

iDeneb 1.3 DVD
Netbook Installer 0.8.2
This file pack:

USB Optical DVD drive (there are ways to do it without DVD drive, but I don’t know how)
External Hard Drive
Copy of Snow Leopard 10.6
EEE PC 1005HA or 1008HA (other models might work too)

Boot iDeneb, and open up Disk Utility, and partition your external drive (or a partition of your external drive) and install iDeneb 1.3 to the external hard drive. Under “Customize” select (under chipset) “ICHX fixed” (under fixes) ACPI Fix, CPUs 1, FireWire remove, Power Off, and Power Management, (under video, intel), select GMA950.
After install, allow the computer to restart, and make sure you open up the boot selection menu from the BIOS, and boot into the external hard drive. The next step is to avoid the “Registration loop”. Chameleon bootloader will show up, and press F8 to enter options. Make sure the Mac partition is highlighted, and type “-s” and then hit enter.

You’ll see all the drivers load, and then eventually there will be a command line for you to type in. Type “/sbin/mount -uw /” and hit enter. Then type “touch /var/db/.AppleSetupDone” and hit enter. Then type “passwd root” and hit enter. Type in what you want your main password to be, hit enter, type it again, hit enter, and then type “reboot” and hit enter.

Then, book back into the enternal partition, but this time, don’t press anything, and let Chameleon load the OS. If you wanted to make the Leopard install perfect, you’d install a bunch of .kext’s, but since you’re only using it to install Snow Leopard onto the internal drive, it’s not nessecary.

Open up Disk utility, and select the internal hard drive, click the partition tab, and click the drop down menu, and select “1 Partition”, underneath the graphical display of the hard drive, click “options” and make sure you’re partitioning it to a “GUID” partition. It is possible to install it to an MBR partition, but I didn’t do that, so you’ll have to google that one on your own.
Next thing, is installing Snow Leopard to the internal drive, but, You’re going to need to be able to view hidden files first. The easiest way to do this, is by using a preferencepane called “Secrets” that you can download for free. Just google it.
Pop in your Snow Leopard disk, and navigate to “/System/Installation/Packages/ and double click “OSInstall.mpkg”. Install snow leopard to the internal drive, and I highly recommend clicking “customize” and unchecking everything (particularly language translations, and printer support), Many claim that if you don’t uncheck them, your install will freeze. Allow it to install. Then, run Netbook Installer. Direct it towards your internal hard drive, (it’ll say something about an unsupported device, just ignore that). Only check the first 2 items, “install chameleon bootloader” and “general externsions”. Once that has completed, reboot the computer, and unplug the external hard drive. You should see the apple logo, and a countdown bar. just let it load the OS, and you’ll see the welcome video.

Install CHUD, then install all the .kext files with kexthelper b7, then move ApplePS2Controller.kext to trash (just do a search for it in spotlight, it’ll show up), and then run UpdateExtra (which is already installed on your system.) Then for volume control, drag spark to your applications folder, and run it. Top left corner, there’s a gear. Click it, and select “system” from the drop down menu. From there, you can decided what functions you want to assign to whichever key. Good luck.


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  1. whats the point because mac osx is just like another Linux os

  2. I feel like this is just jailbreaking a PC, lol

  3. On my asus 1005ha I have problem, when star boot on DVD, appears apple logo and after 3 seconds its restart. I had test 3 diferents Mac Dvds, how I do now?

  4. i also have a 1005ha, and i have windows 7, windows xp (default os) and ubuntu 11.04

  5. i deneb wont recognize recognize my sata hdd..
    when i change it in ACHI

    it gives me sum Kernal Panic
    Mac os Version
    Not Yet Set..

    how to fix this

  6. @956Joeboy No, mostly because you just can't get the disk to boot. I never got it to work, anyways.

  7. will it work with a non pirated leapard

  8. That is complete NERD. No offence.

  9. hey..i'm trying to install iatkos s3 v2 on my eeepc 1005ha..i am having error " efi.inject.get.devrop.string null trying stringdata" then my laptop reboots..anyone can help me??thanks

  10. hey would i be able to install it on this laptop

    emachines e525.
    dvd drive.
    2gb ram
    intel celeron t3100
    320bh sata hdd

    some one please reply asap

  11. i have a question : is possible to upgrade, for example. 10.6.1 to 10.6.2 once 10.6.1 is installed in this way ?

  12. @wolfmaster12345 Just type -f When the bootmenu appears before logging into OSX

  13. How can I find out if my Mac OS X Panther is registered? I bought it new but i dont remember if it is registered? Also I would like to check my Quark 7 and see if it is registered I would like to sell them.

  14. do you have bluetooth and does it work with snow leopard?

  15. Sorry if this has been asked before. How did OS X affect the battery performance compared to with Windows 7?

  16. @dizzuncan how does the wifi work

  17. Hey i dont have :
    iDeneb 1.3 DVD
    Netbook Installer 0.8.2

    Can i install it?

  18. Do you live in Maryland because I use that WiFi because linksys is the one I have

  19. @popdodle I'm running leopard on my 1001ha and it's very smooth and a lot more quicker then windows7

  20. how smoothly does osx work on it?

  21. @ dizzuncan hi again i have iDeneb 1.3 DVD installed and fully working with all my drivers now i want to upgrade to snow leopard 10.6.0 retail disk is there anything else i need to do before i put the disk in and install???
    thanks again
    +i must be a real pain in the butt hahaha

  22. @dizzuncan how do I get my track pad working and keyboard it fully works like a Mac but I'm using a USB mouse and keyboard at the moment so how did you get the drivers for trackpad and keyboard thanks

  23. @dizzuncan the wifi Antenna the part that plugs into the card did you need to install a 2nd one because in my 1001ha it only has one Antenna

  24. hi
    i have the eee 1001ha its pretty much the same as the 1005ha ive replaced the HD in mine and at the same time i looked at the wifi card i released that the dell 1510 has to arial port when my eee has 1 arial did you have to put another arial in your 1005ha
    ps do you know if the intel 5100 half size works as well ill be using the intel card or the dell one in this video

  25. how wifi is running??? lool

  26. dizzuncan, how did you handle the UUID. To get Netflix working, etc …

  27. @yannik013 no you cannot play win games with mac osx

  28. could you tell me whether the "sleep" function works or not?

  29. can i put this on my eee pc 1001ha but do a dual boot with windows 7 and snow leopard?

  30. A couple questions:
    1. how is the battery life with OSX vs Windows
    2. does it run well?
    3. Does the Wifi work (I heard that was a huge issue with eepcs and OSX
    I have the same computor as you and I really want OSX. im running ubuntu right now, and its not too bad, but the Hackintosh seems to fit my needs better (photoshop, Finalcut pro, etc)
    and btw I'd take a hackintosh over a real, overpriced Mac anyday!

  31. Will any external hardrive work?

  32. not to be a pest, but does this mean i cant install any of the updates? like the garageband ones?

  33. I'll right, stopping installation.. thanks for the heads up

  34. So i followed your instructions and got it working on my eee 1005ha netbook.. i even order the wireless card and got that working as well.. i am about to install the 10.6.3 update.. realllly crossing my fingers here.. i've read that it works with most hackintoshs, so i am holding my breath.. i'll let you know how it goes..

  35. I am using 1005HA with windows 7 on it can you give me the link for tutorials and what Mac OSX version should i use, should i upgrade my 1gb ram? thanks

  36. I have now got the Dell 1510 wireless card in my 1005HA, just wondering did you get the bluetooth working with it? If so, could you tell me how

  37. My battery indicator didn't work at first, but then I upgraded to 2GB RAM and it worked for some reason. I think to get the microphone working you need to get the VoodooHDA pref pane and by using that you can alter the microphone settings

  38. Hi, I have a 1005ha and I installed SL 10.6.1 on it but I neither have ethernet or microphone working (everything else works except the apple boot logo looks stretched ^^). Can you tell me how you made those two working ? also, battery indicator doesn't work…