Elementary OS Juno – Live Review (Linux that looks like Mac OS)

Just installed Elementary OS (Linux) on my Dell gaming laptop and wanted to share my thoughts! I apologize for the webcam being in the way of the app menu, I didn’t realize this while I was recording because couldn’t see it in OBS on my second monitor.
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  1. Sorry for the bad camera placement. I also forgot to go over the great 'workspaces' features. I'll make a more detailed video on Elementary OS soon!

  2. Nice Distro Justin!
    For more privacy and no tracking, consider using Firefox which can import your bookmarks, history and passwords from Chrome.
    I've got both browsers installed but only use Firefox nowadays, just find it faster and better (IMHO).

    Just mentioning this to those new to Linux;
    Carry out 'sudo apt update' and 'sudo apt upgrade' terminal commands after installation, just to get it up to date, (every now and then, -may sort out a few bugs).
    It also pays to check 'proprietary drivers for devices' and 'software restricted by copyright or legal issues' boxes in the software and updates manager.

  3. Let us know about how is it for music production. I guess it will be the same as ubuntu because is based on it. However, I am just curious if you have any problems with it in that department.