elementary OS – macOS and Windows Replacement? (Review and Demo)

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Today, we’re taking a look at an operating system called elementryOS, which claims to be an open source replacement for Windows and macOS. Does it live up to these claims? Let’s find out!

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  1. I use elementary OS 5.1.7 Hera and its great
    Plus i'm watching this on elementary os

  2. toooooooooooooooooo longggg

  3. The Epithany is developed by the GNOME Project. But the Epithany Version has some little changes from the elementaryos Team.

  4. All of it's system preinstalled apps are GNOME reskins.

    Also, that "app store" is the GUI for Ubuntu's package management system (ie "apt-get" since Ubuntu is based on Debian)

  5. I keep an eye on the development of this one as well as DragonflyBSD for replacement.

  6. Perfect for me as a novice user. I'm sorta brand new to Linux coming from Windows but sorta want that simplistic MacOS feel to it. I know some people say it's restrictive in ways. But in a way for a person like me I feel it's nice as it doesn't give the novice to many ways to screw up on say other OS's.

  7. Linux mint is better for windows users and Elementary is better for macos. it feels completely alien to someone that has used windows for a long time.

  8. A that aggressive marketing penetration, even for a free product, attempt to the current linux ecosystem is killing this OS in the egg with such naive statements, whatever promising it could be. xDxDxD
    Looks like Ubuntu when it appeared, nowhere as stable as Fedora or other mature distros. You don't say "you replace MacOSX & Windows" for users to notice a couple of google queries later that it is neither mature / stable enough and running others OSes through virtualization or wine like any other linux distro. You don't dare thinking users are that stupid these years to be convinced by such naive statements.

    I mean, that's a pure scam (at least for me). They must at least lay low until it is mature and stable, but their marketing campaign is yet cheesy, stating something they don't provide more than any linux distro does out there.

    "Here I come", you know, delivering what no Linux distro can offer so far for 2 decades, and finally showing up as a new simple Ubuntu rip-off, just an OSX-like skin / mod at the end.
    Give me a break. Sorry for being so rude, this works perhaps on a marketing standpoint, but simple user interface design won't make a full system alone.
    If you decide to go linux, go at least Fedora, Arch or Gentoo, instead of testing an OS pretending to be a new system that replace Windows and Macs gears..
    I can yet tell I could have loose a week testing this, without even thinking about downloading it xD.
    I hate to be that conservative, but guys, if you want your system to earn credibility, don't launch it with a that high level of expectation, it just does not work. At least 10 linux distros do what you pretend being magic, but none of them, you included, address the problem you are stating to have a solution for..

  9. Except for an amazing interface … Can you work with all the software, like Photoshop, Autocad, SketchUp …?

  10. nowadays it's on ranking 4th,gonna use sometime guys

  11. Is this distro based on ubuntu?!?

  12. It does that REALLY annoying thing where the comparison is always from a Windows/Mac OSX perspective. i.e. "Just like Windows or Mac, it has the applications you'd expect like a video player" as opposed to "Like ANY desktop Linux system, it has a whole lot of functionality out of the box that will not get from Windows or Mac such as an office suite".

  13. elementary is #4 now 🙂

  14. I want to make this my primary Linux sister please do some in depth on this…..for instance how to get maximise and minimise buttons on title bar for apps etc.

  15. jUST lOVE YOUR VIDEO ….. I recently downloaded and have begun testing the elementary OS and your concise, and professional no nonsense video was a HUGE help …..easy to follow and professionally compiled Thanks!

  16. if I want macos then I'll just use the actual macos, wasnt linux all about the differences with the other OSs?

  17. what was office and database in elementory os linux

  18. I found playing this video at 1.25x the speed to be perfect

  19. Linux Mint Cinnamon rocks! And it has better looking than Elementary OS

  20. I had 2-3 bugs (and problems with boot) when I just installed it… also some equipment does not works, like Creative Live sound card etc.
    "Windows Replacement"? – are you kidding?)) Maybe just for web surfing…

  21. Ubuntu with Gnome3 + a dock not something that impressive atleast mint offers their own DE