Escape Key not working in macOS? Easy fix!

This video will teach you how to fix escape key not working on macOS Monterey. (macOS 12) It’s due to a bug with Siri, which will probably get patched soon. The escape key can’t be pressed on your Mac? Pressing escape won’t allow you to exit a YouTube video? It’s actually a very simple fix.

The issue may occur on MacBook Pro, Air, iMac, or even Mac mini. Usually apple’s software is good. At least it’s not windows, an OS riddled with issues. 😂


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  1. you're a life saver!! it worked without restarting my mba m1. thank you!!!!

  2. Deserves all the subs ever

  3. I had this issue about 4 months ago and again today, quick fix you say? come on apple sort it out

  4. Thank you so much bro

  5. legend thanks for your help mate straight to the point

  6. Great advice! It worked like a charm!!!! Thank you.

  7. this worked straight away thanks mate

  8. Damn you Siri! That was the issue, cheers!

  9. this helped thanks!

  10. that actually helped me. thank you so much.

  11. WOW realmente me funciono que genial gracias

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I was freaking out about what to do but thanks to you It’s all good. Will definitely be subscribing

  13. Thank you so much, closing out Siri worked for me!

  14. i restarted it and it worked thanks dude i wouldve been toast

  15. thanks a lot bro means a lot!

  16. it actually worked! I thought it was a hardware problem at first but then it actually worked! thanks for this video!

  17. Thanks so much 🙂 fixed my esc button

  18. Thank you bro. you are a life saver and as soon as I quit Siri my esc key was up and running. we need more people like you in the world

  19. I have to say this – Thank you!!