EVERY Censored Character Explained! – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

EVERY Censored Character Explained! – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Why were so many characters censored for Super Smash Bros Ultimate? In this video I explain every major censorship in Smash Bros. history from character design cover-ups to cut content and more. Which characters shouldn’t have been censored, and were any good calls? Let’s find out.

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  2. Geno and the great fairy: are we a joke to you?

  3. I didn't even watch it, but I think I know why the steak for Steve was censored.

  4. If you censor it then you have to delete your channel forever no doing uncensored version of the same video

  5. Un video que habla de las censuras en los videojuegos y a su vez es censurado…xD

  6. MG64-Odyssey Productions

    You should make an updated version of this video and talk about the Dive to The Heart Stages

  7. steak is brown sooo it ra-

  8. why is this your most popular vid?

  9. Him: Japan censors game that are for young aduences

    Me: Pokemon

  10. All the other characters were censored for obvious reasons, yet Steve was censored probably so innuendos wouldn’t exist with him and his….steak

  11. Why was tamagon not allowed to be localized everywhere in Smash, but the Devil could appear as an Assist Trophy?

  12. Jeremy/Jason Page

    Boo 😒

  13. (12:00) The Peach situation is weird. Because in Melee and Brawl, the Peach trophy was censored in all regions and the player model was uncensored in all regions. With Smash 4, and the new rules with Japanese CERO A rating, Peach was censored in game in all regions, and the trophy was only censored in Japan. This means they uncensored the trophy in the rest of the world, why? Some kind of statement? – It's also interesting that other trophies in Brawl were uncensored like Cream the Rabbit and Aryll (Zelda). Everything felt so random.

  14. ☆HelloKittyGirl2011♡

    Everything should be censored

  15. Research purposes 😏

  16. I find it an interesting thought or Shantea will ever join the battle. I started playing Shantea Half Genie hero and I really like it. She would be a nice adding tot the rooster, it would be a girl like inkling girl. A female character that is not another princess and not so serious like Samus or Lucina. She has a great personality and also perfect resembles the littler (indie) games. They would also be the first character with a brown skin.

    There is just one little issue. The game feels like it made for kids but is 12+ rated (a least in my country (Belgium, Europe)). It is possibly because that the most characters didn't have many clothes, but I would its more in a cartoon way than actually attractive to gamers. Her chest just isn't much covered so for that reason I don't of they will let her in. (But I hope she ever will).

  17. I still have the screenshots with steve meat to this day on my switch

  18. Satirical Henry Stickmin

    Rip Steve's meat 🙁

  19. Eiji Zerb-TheAnimtor

    how is this age-restricted?

  20. 6:20 what’s ironic is that Sephiroths down aerial is called Hell’s Gate

  21. This Video is Restrited under 18+

  22. I like how female Corrin's thighs were altered as a fighter but not her fighter spirit from the original artwork

  23. DrewPicklesTheDark

    lol I'm native and thought the G&W change was retarded.

    Also I don't think the Daisy 3rd eye is censorship really.

  24. Steve Steakkkk

  25. Not even mentioning the fact that the beam sword in Brawl was legit a lightsaber that used a noise almost identical to a lightsaber sound

  26. I personally prefer the changes to the XC2 girls, especially the addition of the black leggings to Mythra. They just… complete the look of the character and I always thought something was lacking in the original design but couldn't identify what. When I saw her Smash design, it answered my question lol

  27. Probably popular opinion: "Censored" Mythra is hotter

  28. Steve holding his meat 😏😏😏

  29. Poor snake

  30. Matheus Le Patrão

    Female characters really have a tough time dealing with age rating system

  31. Steve got neutered

  32. 0:18 6 year old mind brake

  33. I’m surprised there wasnt a mention of the series titles on some of the mii costumes, that one was always weird to me. Apparently at some point the ESRB made it so that if you show an M-Rated series in a presentation, that presentation is also M-Rated, so to get around that they had to change some of the series titles, like Assassin’s Creed being changed to just “Altair”, or most recently Doom being “Doom Slayer”. This did lead to the funny thing where Travis Touchdown’s Mii Costume showed the screen “Super Smash Bros x Travis”, leading people to think that Travis Scott was getting a Mii Costume

  34. Jacob's gaming & Toy reviews

    Can someone please kill pyra and mythra!

  35. I understand the changes with the very revealing characters like pyra and mythra and bayo, but that corrin one could have stayed.

  36. 4:46 lol perfect angle

  37. Richard Samuelson

    6:55 Yeah, I absolutely HATE the ugly black leggings they gave her; if she had to have tights, why not make 'em white or cream, since she's a LIGHT Blade?
    She's not Malos!
    And then they did give white tights to one of her recolours.
    What's worse is that the black tights made their way back into Xenoblade Chronicles 2, in the form of an otherwise-excellent Aux Core, named "Massive Melee Mythra".

    Honestly, FUCK this censored design.

  38. I remember when smash was first released, one of ridleys victory animations was quite graphic and had some “blood” (it was green) depicted. Does anybody else remember that?

  39. I think with mai, the black coverup for the chest and a skirt that went to the knees would've been sufficient, though still inaccurate

  40. People being too sensitive for their own good 🙄

  41. I dont Think Lin's Age Changed in Xenoblade Chronicles X, I think it was Her Clothing Style that Changed when it was Released to Western Audiences. In the Japenese Version Lin's Character Was A Bit More… "Exposed" (Despite her Age) When in the More Revealing Clothes, and would wear them the same way as Elma and Irina Does. In the Western Version However, They Completely Covered the Upper Chest and I believe the Upper Legs also got Modified to make her less… Riskay. Baring in mind she is LITERALLY 13 (not 15)

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