EVERY Censored Mario Game Explained!

EVERY Censored Mario Game Explained!

In this video I explain the biggest censorships in Mario series history from character design changes to removed content and much more. Which characters shouldn’t have been censored, and were any the right choice? Let’s find out.

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  1. in super mario odesiy the fact that they chainged the pirate i beleve is becose of pirating(in the modern time(aka takeing stuff like game va stealing))

  2. spider sheep mdv

    10:03 Mario you're a Italian not German

  3. The-N O G G I N-X

    I’m trans-gender………..

  4. I'm sure I have seen Mario raising his hand in MY game every time I talked to any NPC.


  6. GalacticHypernova

    3:53 ._.

  7. Skulls are actually a bad omen or something like that in china

  8. About the sombrero, my best guess is that wearing a sombrero is considered closed culture, where it's rude to participate in it if you're not of that culture unless you're invited. Contrast that with the American flag outfit, which is open culture that can be used by anyone without breaking social rules.
    It's similar to the reason some people argue that people who aren't indigenous American shouldn't try and figure out their spirit animals- the concept of a spirit animal is considered closed.

    i feel so bad for her omg

  10. Hedgehog of Dojima

    The only one I know of is that they removed Donkey Kong dab from mario kart 8

  11. I got addicted to Luigi's Casino for a month straight. I'm 4 years clean now

  12. Roblox and other garbage

    This involving sup ad starts. The games involve soup!

  13. Mateusz Paszkiewicz

    Although I am not bothered with the fact of the content mentioned have been censored, however I am interested of how Toad remarks about rights of his race. I think Birdo shouldn't have been censored that much if people wanted to be clear with representative of the Birdo race's gender. However for myself I consider her female and I have a plush.

  14. The reason chinese censors pirates is because of a law. No main characters, specially chinese characters, can be portrayed as pirates, or too much of a dirty criminal, amongst similar things

  15. Chris TheArcticFox

    2:02 based Vivian

  16. The thing with bride reminds me of the thing with Funtime foxy from fnaf lol

  17. Just A Waddle Dee With Internet Access

    I can remember when you can look under the skirt of Adeleine in Kirby Star Allie’s when she swims into the ocean floor

  18. Could you do a video on street fighter censorships? those games are FULL of cultural stereotypes