Facebook broke Oculus Today…..and Resident Evil 4 CENSORED

Facebook broke Oculus Today…..and Resident Evil 4 CENSORED

Facebook is down, which broke Oculus services today. Resident Evil 4 is getting censored by Facebook. Medal of Honor is somehow releasing for Quest sometime soon. Lone Echo II gets a release date, again.

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  2. "I can see why facebook wants to censor it" alright way to just fence sit this bullshit

  3. G.O.D TV Boxing, Music and More

    What are they censoring in resident evil 4 ?

  4. gay anime avatar wtf

  5. For games that are not pcvr on the occulus quest 2, can you plug your headset to your pc to improve the game or does it not change anything

  6. Piss off Facebook. You aren't the world censor police. You know Facebook.. EVERYONE has the choice to not to play something if we find its content offensive? We don't need big daddy Facebook making sure our wittle feelings aren't hurt. Just don't don't play the damn thing if you don't like what's in it and let the rest of us who can think for ourselves enjoy the content as intended. middle finger to Facebook and its censorship police

  7. donnie henderson

    It's called censorship. They do not care about people's feelings or emotions they are trying to control every aspect of their customers. The only reason they're doing it is because we are letting them

  8. wait till re4 gets released. it will be an actual vr game, not an "experience". Put this comment on your next video when you review the game and forget what bob ulation 4 and vrchat is..

  9. for resident evil yeah it sucks and it shouldn't be changed it a game like suck it up but it could be much worse

  10. If buy re4 be I have zero respect for you you are not a resident evil fan nor will U ever be a real resident evil fans,this guy this guy is shit if he going to support this garbage port and he has not worth trusting in anything, 2021 standards are just Californian and New York weirdo bullshit that they are forcing on normal sane people and dam crazy weirdos that have no right being in the video game industry

  11. Broh if you have even the most basic comprehension of how the subconscious operates, especially when more independent from surface conscious in a darkened/lowered minds(more common from young parents nowadays, hence the Emo style look being preferred)… you will know that phrases such as "well there's no sex discrimination here" is red in the mind as 'APPLY THE SEEX DiSscimination!' Also is sounds sorta Robotic, not to mention that unless you can see up the dress, then it's presuming their Gender whilst confusing gender with sex… now there's a whole dang jungle of information in the forest of wires n such but those are the three Mastodon 's in the perverbile room. Critique over,, great video nice info 👍~^°♡¹

  12. Lol instagram and facebook also stopped working on all services

  13. I wont be getting resident evil 4 due to the woke bullshit

  14. Facebook being down and Oculus not being able to work is a clear example of why Oculus shouldn't require the use of Facebook. That's just an opinion, of course.

  15. I heard so many people complain about medal of honor. I have a 2060 and it played good for me at launch. Maybe I was just lucky? The campaign was good, never played multiplayer though.

  16. Aries by sun virgo by moonlight Libra rise

    Yep I'm one of those who O2 wouldn't work at all ,, 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽 none of my games worked an I have a good 40 ..ok it's Tuesday 3:33 pm pacific coast time an after restarting it 3 times it finally started working….I just started crying I'm so effin HAPPY 😁 catch me in rec room paintball 😈 Lbcbubblswrig,, I LUV ALL YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES 🤗😘🥰

  17. Custom advertisement maker.

    Bro it’s not broken, it’s just that Facebook Corp was sabotaged by a engineer (egb was sabotaged).

  18. is it fixed?

  19. Do you sell your avatars anywhere? The style of them is so nice♡

  20. bro said drastic changes; proceeds to show us a single dialogue option change xD

  21. My games keep disappearing lol

  22. Eh. No big deal that they changed some things that were said. Won't change the gameplay.

  23. Personally, I don't give a fuck about people who are playing RE4 for the first time. I want the actual god damn game not some sensitive bullshit. Also I'm not surprised that MOH is releasing on quest 2, I mean seriously it's pretty dull and boring and isn't even very detailed, the graphics are also pretty shit. I am pumped for B&S maybe coming to quest 2.

  24. Diamondpinkiepie

    this still doesnt work

  25. Toobrown2toast Games

    Yeah yesterday my headset couldn't connect to the network for like an hour. But it did come back after that

  26. Fuck censorship. Facebook execs can eat my ass

  27. jc the rec room mad man

    Facebook got hacked I bet

  28. For fucks sakes. I just want to play re4 as i remember it, not as some SJW dystopia with zombies in it.

  29. wearing headset with my glasses with no problem since oculus has special extension rim included for that, VR Wave what a joke

  30. Suppressing non-optional behaviors is damaging.
    Virtue signalling is almost always in compensation for something heinous.

  31. Good thing I'd got re4 og only console❤ I can under stand what they are doing but I rather stick with re4 og dialogue and other etc

  32. It’s back now so don’t worry

  33. Who even uses Facebook anymore ?

  34. Thank you Facebook for protecting me from harmful language 🤡

  35. ᴅᴍ ᴜʟᴛʀᴀ

    Right on time that my Quest's led turned red for the first time
    I thought it completely died and I almost died inside

    P.s I didn't know that the red led anything to do with battery since I haven't seen it before

  36. Christian Rivera

    Bro life is hard I can't even update walking desd on my 64 gig quest and I already uninstalled a lot of games ahhhh

  37. Thanks for vid

  38. BlackMarketHoney

    NASA computer! 😂😂😂

  39. Lmaooooo 😭 the ending before I eat your-

  40. they gonna censor RE4 but im in Pokerstars VR with all these squeakers GAMBLING….

  41. Man you're super salt today. Hope your ok mate

  42. Still not fixed

  43. To be honest I already know oculus and Facebook etc. Were gonna go bye-bye for A few hours. Just so you guys know this will happen again be prepared they are trying to catch some crazy people you don’t have to believe me but I’m telling you guys the truth

  44. Not happy about the censorship. Are we losing the ballistics joke too?

  45. Oculus Works now

  46. Your avatar doesn’t look creeps at all broski 9000, my eyes actually look like that irl now idk if it’s makeup but I’m talking about the massive raccoon rings around my eyes. I get 2-3 hours of sleep and stay up 12-13 hours. I love my life and I’m super happy just extremely introverted so I don’t go out much maybe I’d go out more of this was normalized a bit instead of everyone constantly telling me I have multiple bags and rings around my eyes but when someone truly understands they can look past my rings and treat me like I’m not an insane person

  47. I am so excited for zenith vr the concept is so good

  48. Everything should be up to normal again.