Family Guy Uncensored & Some Censored & Funny

Family Guy Uncensored & Some Censored & Funny

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  1. Spinosaurus Egyptycus is much larger than tyrannosaurus rex. But argentinosaurus is the biggest ever!

  2. The SpongeBob musical with quagmires rant is hilarious

  3. The Simpsons. Sundays on Fox.

  4. Stewie is by far my favorite character

  5. Touch…touch the boobs 💀💀💀💀💔

  6. The music you added to the background of the video really sucks

  7. Stewie is actually the best therapist ever

  8. nobody absolutely nobody
    Quagmire:touch boobs

  9. Wtf was the first part

  10. Woody Woodpecker

    8:38 is weird for me. Everything Quagmire says is correct, but it's also a bit hypocritical for him to call Brian out when he himself isn't above committing pedophilia/necrophilia/bestiality/rape/incest/indecent exposure/and many more that I don't have time to mention. New Brian is definitely not a good person at all, and even though Quagmire is honest about his terrible acts, that doesn't exactly justify it or make him better than Brian, I'd say it's actually WORSE for him to know about his flaws because that means he's not doing anything to change his ways (and before you say anything, I know that it's just a cartoon that I shouldn't be looking too deeply into it, I'm just saying that Quagmire would be a massive hypocrite in real life)

  11. I just realized that all the wives in the show have super ugly voices, I mean I already knew that, like individually, but I never really pieced it together

  12. Chris Collins The 14th

    12:1212:26 Are My Favorite Parts.

  13. Quagmire took care of the Simpson’s 🤣

  14. Yo we all gonna ignore the reason why quagmire didn’t kill Maggie 💀💀

  15. "Toast house"
    (Law and order *dun dun*)

  16. Libbtard

  17. Bruh that James Cameron moment killed me 🤣

  18. the simpsons joke was one of the funniest.

  19. Chance Universe gaming

    The funny thing is quagmire try to go for peters wife multiple times

  20. 8:38 Not the SpongeBob music!!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Vadoo vadoo vadoo vadoo vadoo

  22. Quagmire dropped a nuclear bomb on Brian Griffin.
    That's how men talk.

  23. I love how Stewie calls it a vaporizer

  24. at least brian isn’t some idiot rapist who only goes out for woman for there body’s, and also body shame’s them when there fat or ugly. if quagmire has the gull to say that crap about brian being a bore, then he’d say that to himself in the mirror because he isn’t funny for what he is anymore, he’s only some side character to fill in dialogue and scenes, with a low amount of plot even for such a dumb excuse of a person to talk down to a depressed dog who tries to do better, but all he does is look at the bad side of brian. he lacks the point of existing, he lacks the reason of a spin-off, he gets things he only deserved years ago as if he thinks he’s the BEST CHARACTER in family guy!

  25. North Sea Empire Enjoyer

    Ngl it’s actually funnier with the censorship of the f word

  26. Our bath is ready

  27. Never trust a bitch named shawanda lol

  28. •Just_a_Potato_2•

    8:39 POP OFF ON THAT H*E Why is a douche bag and I've never really liked him

  29. ok…I've never seen family guy. I don't have a TV. found some clips here and Stewie KILLS ME. better, a clip of an interview revealed that this is from one dude and THAT is amazing. ive seen him casually over the years, but this shi+ puts this seth cat to an untouchable level forever. genius. it's like a public service.

  30. Is the SpongeBob music added in by the video editor or did it actually play in the scene

  31. Jonathan Tiernan

    You’re Fucking Fired

  32. @11:12 isn't that rape?? What the fuq..

  33. “It’s just a prank bro!”
    The prank:

  34. I don’t have the parenting skills necessary to deal with that

  35. Ezra Kingston Gordon

    The Volume Inconsistency :/

  36. Fabian De La Rosa

    "his brain isn't right, but he's fun" 😂