Fast Reinstall of macOS with Bootable USB Drive on Apple Silicon M1 Mac – MacBook Pro & Air

Booting to a macOS Big Sur USB Install Disk is enabled now by Default on Apple Silicon Macs!!! You can now reinstall macOS in half the time it takes by using a USB installer instead of downloading in regular macOS recovery! I wrote an article covering all the changes to macOS Recovery here.

How to download macOS Big Sur full installers –

Order of that you should follow for reinstalling macOS on Apple Silicon.

1. macOS Recovery
2. System Recovery – (Will boot automatically if macOS Recovery is unavailable)
3. macOS Big Sur USB Installer Drive – (External boot for macOS Installers is enabled by default on Apple Silicon)
4. Apple Configurator 2 REVIVE option – This option will reinstall macOS Recovery (retains user data on the SSD hard drive)
5. Apple Configurator 2 RESTORE option – This option will Reinstall macOS Recovery, ERASE your SSD hard drive and reinstall macOS
Apple has just posted a new articles on macOS recovery, booting to DFU mode and how to restore macOS Firmware.

This video is is for the following Apple Silicon Macs
Apple Silicon M1 Mac Mini
Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Air
Apple Silicon M1 MacBook Pro 13″

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New Article How to reinstall macOS on your Apple Silicon Mac

How to boot your Apple Silicon Mac into DFU mode + Restore macOS with Apple Configurator 2.

macOS ISPW Firmware Database – Download Full macOS ISPW Files!

MacOS Big Sur Index of need to know changes! (UPDATED)

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  1. how i can downgrade my m1 from 11.6 to 11.2.3 by usb bootable?

  2. Did I miss something? Seems this video is missing one KEY point. The only way this "cuts the install time in half" is IF you already have a downloaded copy of the macOS Installer. Without it – you have NO macOS.

  3. I am confused (normal state)…. I want to go back to Big Sur from Beta on M1 Macbook. I have downloaded a .ipsw file. How do I get from .ipsw file to an installer that I can burn to USB?

  4. Thank you very much! You solve my question about to how can I boot from usb drive on new M1 MacBook Air?

  5. Hi bro, how can I reinstall mac os on a MacBook Pro M1 if the ssd is totally clean and it doesn't have a recovery partition either?

  6. You talk too much! Just get to it!

  7. Dude these videos have been super helpful, earned a few thumbs ups and a new subscriber!

  8. Hi, i rly appreciate your work and the clear information you give to other mac users, if i can ask, is there a place where you can find older InstallerAssistant.pkg of mac os big sur official version (not beta) for fresh install and downgrade of the Macbook pro M1, because from what i understood, if you have the old pkg you can downgrade or do a fresh install since (from now) they are not stop signin the versions, so i bought the new MacBook pro M1, i didn’t upgrade it and is factory on 11.1, i want in a near future to do a fresh install of this version and i don’t have another mac so i’m unable to use apple configurator 2, if i have the InstallAssistant package of Big Sur 11.1 i can simply install it on 11.1 and create the usb flash drive than do this guide, and correct me if i’m wrong i can fresh install from the usb the 11.1. But i don’t have the package since is not possible to download it from apple servers, and i’m unable to find it even with terminal script on github, is there the possibility for you to upload it somewhere if you have it? thanks in advance for the reply.

  9. Is there a way to disable the version checking that you mentioned ?

  10. I watched the deep dive version of this video, thank you so f*cking much! You saved my brand new macbook’s life. This key combination is really tricky and several failures occurred before it finally went through.
    Your videos are a much better help than anything posted by Apple themselves.

  11. Hi Man, the Macintosh-HD APFS volume that you erased would have been part of some container also.. can we delete the containers too and setup as brand new. Also, external bootable usb drive is formatted as mac os extended as suggested by Apple createinstallmedia page. It has posed compatibility issues before when bootable drive is mac os extended and hard drive formatted as APFS for High sierra installation i remember. does that not pose any problem in big sur installation on M1 chip.

    I bricked my macbook air m1 by deleting the partitions (HD and Data)and containers, after that it wouldnt boot to recovery just exclamation icon and to resort to apple configurator option only. I tried formatting big sur OS drive as mac os extended only while i was doing clean install. Can you help and designate those steps so i dont brick it again. Suppose i have bootable drive mac-os-extended Big Sur installer ready, what next ?

  12. Can I select my USB and reinstall Big Sur on it?

  13. how do you have the USB drive setup for installing from it? I cannot get my M1 Mini to see the USB drive at the option start screen. I made my drive with createinstallmedia… its a USBC nvme SSD.

  14. Hi Can I install catalina on my m1 macbook pro ?

  15. If someone is wondering for how to start the Bootmenu on a new M1 Silicon Macmini or other non Laptop Mac OS X, it is the same whay, just hold the power button.

  16. I created a Macos Big Sur drive after watching your other video. I used Samsung T5 SSD. Now when I use it on my brand new M1 Pro its still downloading the package content through internet and taking about 2 hours and then failing. Where am I going wrong?

    Thanks in advance

  17. Sorry I just fixed my issue when I saw your reply. I had to open terminal and run "resetpassword" and deregister my mac from my apple id, simply removing it from "find my mac" didnt work. But really thank you for your reply 🙂 so quick! I do not know what is MDM – DEP you are talking about, this is my first mac ever, so.. 🙂

  18. Just outstanding videos being a new M1 owner. Subscribed! Keep up the great work.

  19. Are we able to install the OS in external SSD and boot from the external?

  20. Since my M1 is kind of in the restore mode, i went on to make a Bootable USB BigSur image from my intel macbook pro and it seems like it doesn't even recognise the usb during the recovery option boot menu. can i download the BigSur M1 image and create the USB or from the IPSW file?

  21. WOW!!! Thank you so much. you're a genius man…

  22. Your channel is seriously underrated…. dude your amazing.

  23. is there a way to wipe one? Please help

  24. 5:47 you should actually press the view button and change it to show all then select the actual root disk and erase that. This will do a clean install. Otherwise you'll be left with things like EFI etc.

  25. Thanks for the tutorial! My M1 Mac shows a “exclamation mark” because I removed a 5 GB partition from my internal drive using disk utility. My main volume is still booting just fine so I was able to create live big sur USB by downloading the installer from App Store and using terminal command.

    I tried plugging in the big sur USB and then turn on Mac holding power button and it still shows “exclamation” and doesn’t give me option to boot into USB. This is strange as intel macs usually recognize USB just fine regardless of the system situation and provide the option to boot right away. Is there a way to restore to get into boot picker ?

  26. Mr. Macintosh:
    For us Intel Mac people too afraid to install Big Sur (due to all the bugs) how about a video on how to install Big Sur into a APFS container alongside Catalina on the internal drive. This would essentially create a dual boot Catalina/BigSur Mac with the advantage that we would not disrupt our production mac (Catalina) and yet be able to try out Big Sur.

  27. For some reason, every-time i see these two Macs, it catches me off-guard and makes me think you need the Intel one for a reason, not just for visual differences.

  28. I'm still confused about these apple silicon macs. If you boot and it gives you the error that says restore, will it still let you boot into a big sur installer usb reinstall the os, or do you have to use a second mac at that point? Also, do these macs still have a firmware, like how intel macs had efi, do these have some type of that that doesn't rely on an operating system to perform the basic functions of the computer?

  29. Hey mate, I've been doing that but it stops in some point 🙁 could you complete it??

  30. Thank you very much, keep doing these great tutorials

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