Feren OS – A Clean Deal Replacement For Windows and macOS-Like Linux Desktop

In This Video We Are Looking At A review of Feren OS – a KDE Plasma and Ubuntu fusion, specially designed for Windows users to help them migrate.

Over the years, many readers commented about Feren OS and its advantages on this website. I never got a chance to try this distribution in terms of its benefits and why it stands out among hundreds of distros.

So, here’s a review of the great Feren OS.

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Feren OS – A Clean Deal Replacement For Windows and macOS-Like Linux Desktop

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Feren OS Review
First and foremost, its creators designed and marketed it as an ideal replacement for Windows and macOS. At its core, it’s based on Ubuntu LTS with a base KDE Plasma desktop and additional tweaks. However, it does bring several goodies specially designed for Windows users. A lot on that a little later. Let’s download and install it.

Download and Install
The Feren OS (20.04) ISO file is about 2.5 GB, and it has only one variant for KDE Plasma – which is the only offering. However, the download took around 6 hours from SourceForge.

A few interesting things happened when I booted this up in a VM (virt-manager). During my years of distro review, I haven’t seen any distro do this.

First, the LIVE medium understood that I was using the virtual machine and changed the compositor by itself to Xrender for better performance in VM. Second, it also gave the option to install guest additions for VirtualBox and VM Tools for VM Ware for additional functionalities.

Moreover, Feren OS gave options to transfer files from the Windows partition before installing the system! And an option to choose the desktop layout if you are installing it on a touch-based device.

The installer is Calamares and not Ubuntu’s Ubiquity, although it depends on Ubuntu LTS. While installing the system, Feren OS doesn’t do the account creation, keyboard and other selections. It prompts you for user account creation and additional info after the first reboot and post-installation. Fedora Linux workstation edition does this via the Anaconda installer.

Apparently, it is probably nothing. But from a Windows user’s perspective, an “easy install” experience is important, and I believe the team made an excellent decision on this.

Finally, the installation went smooth, and no such surprises there.

First boot and looks
During the first boot, you need to set up the user accounts and other initial settings. The wizard gives you options to choose the light/dark theme, desktop layouts and different initial configs. This is a nice touch and looks professional.

The KDE Plasma desktop is nice and clean with the pre-configured taskbar and the Breeze theme. The taskbar has the application menu on the left side. In the middle of the taskbar, you find the shortcut to Vivaldi, File manager and homegrown Store. And at the right is a traditional system tray.

Feren OS pre-loads a good set of Plasma Global Themes other than the usual Breeze variants. All of them are perfect and give your desktop a nice touch with just one click. As of the current version, you get Feren OS, Hooman, Dooars and Mac n’ Cheese theme. In addition, you also can get the Tablet and Classic settings of the desktop. It also features the Inspire icon theme and DMZ cursor theme by default.

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Todays Video – Feren OS Review: Clever KDE Distro for Easy Migration from Windows!

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  1. Just a lot of pointless music and graphics/screen grabs. I use Feren OS but I watched a better video about it which had commentary.

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