Format a Flash Drive in Mac OSX

This tutorial will show you how to format any kind of media on the Macintosh OSX Operating System.


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  1. I am pretty much a pro and never even friggen knew this.. maybe they want all of us on time machine with a friggen ext drive to purchase from apple.. thanks for this.. I feel kinda dumb that I did not know this all along .. now I can back up my bitcoin & crypto currency wallets.. the otherway was encrypting the private keys to the blockchain .. this info is important THANK YOU peace.

  2. bro i can't erase my usb it says it couldn't open device can you help me please


  4. Thank you so much. This was messing with me.

  5. Thank You… Thank You… Thank You!

  6. New Apple user…. Thank you.

  7. helped so much , thanks

  8. im geting an error on drive

  9. Thank you so much for this! You're right, it's not that easy on a Mac than it is on a PC. Problem solved!

  10. This must be for an older Mac OSX. Doesn't work.

  11. i dont have that program wtf

  12. when i search up disk utility nothing comes up do i have to download it or something ??

  13. Thank you. Fabulous help.  Very clear and easy instructions.

  14. thanks a lot  your an awesome little dude!

  15. Thank you so much for taking the time to demonstrate this process. Very much appreciated!

  16. Thanks! worked perfectly

  17. will the old file be deleted as well in the drive when you clicked on erase?