Free New Method to Install MacOS 12 on VM on Windows 11

If you have not used a Mac Computer, you may not know what you are missing. Installing a Mac on a Windows computer is practically the only way to feel the beauty, seamlessness, and uniqueness of the Apple Operating System, macOS 12 (macOS Monterey).
Using the correct method and software, in two hours or less, you can successfully install macOS Monterey on VMWare Workstation on Windows 11, and the virtual macOS 12 will work seamlessly.
If you are a Computer Science student who can’t afford a Mac Computer for labs, demos, and assignments, consider using this new method to install macOS 12 on your Windows 11. The same applies to designers, programmers, and whoever else does a job that requires a Mac, but can’t afford it. This video will help you to have a fully functioning virtual macOS Monterey on Windows 11 or Windows 10.
This video shows a new method of installing macOS Monterey on VMWare on Windows 11. There will not be a need to add, smc.version = “0” to any of the files on the virtual machine. This method doesn’t require temporarily changing the Operating System to Windows 10 and later x64 in the settings and changing it to Apple Mac OS X a few minutes after running the virtual machine.
This new method was first used to install macOS Catalina on VMWare Workstation on Windows 10. It worked for over a year. The virtual macOS Catalina even successfully updated to macOS Big Sur and macOS Monterey.
To smoothly run macOS Monterey on VMWare Workstation on Windows 11, or Windows 10, the following is required:
A good internet connection, at least 12GB of Ram, enough memory space in the host Windows 11, VMWare Workstation, unlocker for Apple Mac OS X to show are operating system in the VMWare Workstation, macOS Monterey disk image, and VMWare Tools for the virtual MacOS 12 to be full screen.
Click this link to download the macOS Monterey disk image for free:
This is the latest macOS Monterey 12.5.1

Megafile link for iso:

Google Drive link for the iso image:

Click this link to download the unlocker without charge:

Click this link to download the VMWare Tools without cost:

Please follow the demonstrations in the video and you will have a virtual macOS 12 with the sound and internet working favorably.
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Thank you for sparing me some of your most precious time. Hope the happiness I experience in learning and making this video rubs off on you.
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  1. Hello, I did everything as you showed. But it gets stuck on the apple logo and black screen, no loading bar. Do you have a solution?

  2. thank you so much brother for your efforts , ISO file corrupted , i tried many times with no luck
    thank you

  3. It Says the file was used by too many people the macOSMoneterey

  4. the iso download crashes, can you please share a new link?

  5. Can I use 8gb ram laptop??

  6. How do i get this to work on an AMD processor? I am stuck at the Apple logo screen.

  7. it seems a erorr on remorte ……

  8. Great brother keep it

  9. Thanks brother i was looking for the iso 3 months but i didn't found now for u i have found thank u so much🥰