Game Theory: Who Will Survive [CENSORED] Virus?

Game Theory: Who Will Survive [CENSORED] Virus?

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There has been a lot of news going around about how to not catch the flu and other recent illnesses. In that, I found an interesting question about facial hair – will it protect you from getting sick? Today we are checking our temperatures as we see if your beard is RUINING your chance at staying healthy! From Mario’s mustache to Geralt’s manly stubble, we are seeing who would SURVIVE a viral outbreak!

*This video is not intended to give medical advice.*

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Luke Barats
Editors: Tyler Mascola and Alex “Sedge” Sedgwick
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman


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  1. Meme Wheeler & Dealer

    Great content here, Mat! Some more cool video ideas: would the mushroom kingdom survive 2 nukes from the USA? Which of the toads is more likely to die of leukemia? Which Zelda character would be more likely to have a history of sexual assault??

  2. 7:19 Darn you charlie chaplin.

  3. XxEliplayzz64xX x

    i have covid and this cured itXD

  4. corona virus

  5. Such bad taste

  6. Level one world of Warcraft player duh

  7. its not toothbrush mustache , its 1933 german mustache

  8. Matpat: guys do not callme matdaddy . me:Hi matdaddy

  9. Ok matdaddy


    9:26 Uh, you can only be in mortal danger if you're a mortal.

  11. Are you using reverse psychology on us matpat?
    Or are you genuinely not wanting that nickname?

  12. Random gaming stuff xdxd

    I’m starting it #MatDaddy

  13. Arthur Morgan would be dead

  14. Are we really just ignoring Samus and her space suit? 🤦

  15. Samus. She wears an armored space suit. Boom. Finished your video for you in less than 10 seconds.

  16. # go matdaddy

  17. there's still one more channel

  18. Mat do one for yugioh

  19. Matdaddy

  20. what whay not red from smash bros

  21. Ok Matdaddy

  22. Jezabelle Constantine

    Will pokemon also survive? I hope so!

  23. Claire Schietinger


  24. Adolf hitler=toothbrush mustach.

  25. Tinydancer Presents

    What about Rosalina? She's on a spaceship away from most of humanity with her lumas who also could stay quarantined with her. She's also kind of young.

  26. The coconut virus

  27. What I wonder is y dont YouTube let him say corona talk about picky

  28. Wow look matdaddy

  29. Link can just play the ocarina and go back to 2019

  30. It shows how desperate game theory is they literally made a video about a dangerous world wide pandemic that they know could have killed a loved one of a viewer just because the topic is trending


    # matdaddy

  32. Melvin Silfverin

    At 0:50 you can see a springtrap figure and I have that on my desk

  33. Bandanna dee or any waddle dee don’t even have mouths

  34. MrPkmnMstr Cross-Platform


  35. I’m glad link will survive

  36. Abdulaziz AlAbdulkareem

    This was in 2020 wow… it's 2022 and ({censored corona}) is barely smaller!?

  37. call it virus-19 bruh

  38. Joseph Fierheller


  39. If we’re talking about video game characters who survive, it should be the MANY immortal characters

  40. But, would the Five Nights At Freddy’s animatronics survive a virus like substance like COVID-19?

  41. the virus you used in the example was a bacteriophage