GNS3 Tutorial – Getting Started with GNS3 on Mac OS X – Building & Saving Your Topologies

This quick tutorial is one step beyond installing GNS3 on your operating system. One you install GNS3 on your Linux, Mac, or Windows operating system, this tutorial (which is applied to all versions of GNS3) will show you how to use GNS3 efficiently.



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  1. You guys are awesome. I wonder if I can get a little help. I am now on a Mac using Mavericks 10.9.1. Would you mind making another getting started with GNS3 video, using Mavericks and GNS3 8.6? Thanks

  2. I downloaded the most recent version and I don't get the same interface that you are getting. It saves as a folder on my desktop then unzipped the folder to get the GNS3 application. Then when I open a project I don't have the same interface. My Cisco devices are not dragable.

  3. Hi Khaled. Which program did U use to record your tutorial (screen)? Thanks& good vid!

  4. You can do it in Putty too – just go change the bg in session settings.

  5. Hello nice video but for those who wanna practiced on it be careful to the serial slot he use and yours because if it is not the same when you tape the cmd "show ip eigrp neighbor" nothing gonna come.
    You can see this by right clic on the router >configure > slot

  6. I am new to gns can you tell me where to get ios image from

  7. On diagram you use network, but in configuration on SeX/X you use mask /30 …

  8. You can do this in putty though. Open putty and select Telnet to start with, then select Colours under the Window category. Select Default Foreground in the colour adjustment area near the bottom. You can then click the modify button, and use the colour picker to get the right color. Click back to the Session category on the left, and select the Default settings configuration and then click save. This should make change the appearance when using Putty in GNS3. HTH

  9. Hi, thanks a lot
    this is really interesting, would you pleas elaborate on switching as well, can you please assist me with GNS3 LAb, i am having difficulty doing ospf frame relay:) After adding the NM16ESW into router, i seem to have difficulty doing the lab. i would trully appreciate if you can share some insight. Thanks a lot in advance

  10. first you need to load Cisco IOS in GNS3,depending to the IOS loaded you can use the router (for example if you want to use router C7200 you need to download IOS for that router) link to download :