Hands-On with macOS Mojave

Apple this week introduced the latest version of the operating system that runs on the Mac, macOS. macOS Mojave is Apple’s first deviation from mountain-based naming in four years, and the update, with its new name, brings some major changes to the Mac lineup.

We went hands-on with macOS Mojave to check out all of the new features, which range from changes to the desktop and Finder to a systemwide dark mode.

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  1. Mojave is awful, it has slowed my mac a lot, and it freezes all the time, not to mention icons get mixed up or simply not appear. i think mac really wants people who use their products for work to switch to other alternatives. good work mac.

  2. is photohop cs6 can be installed and can be use with Mac OS Moj

  3. Okay, I just updated to Mojave on my Mid-2015 Macbook Air, and its looks horrible to my eyes. Why does my tabs like finder or whatever have a white outline on everything, while yours looks so clean… did apple purposely do this for the Airs? How do I fix it?

  4. Now HERE is a feature that is LONG overdue…. unless I simply don't know about it. A clipboard that can differentiate between text and file, and folder, & more. What I mean is that if you copy some text, which you intend to paste in multiple locations, you keep it there. BUT if you copy an image to do the same thing with, your clipboard would keep BOTH the text, AND the image file on a clipboard. So that you can post copied text, and a copied file/photo/whatever, without it emptying the text from the clipboard, and vice versa. I don't know why this wasn't done YEARS ago. Any input or opinions, anybody?

  5. I don't get what makes this such a WILD new different upgraded OS. Dark mode looks great, I have it on my android, and a lot of phone apps have it, so I know that's a plus. But an updated app store? That should have absolutely nothing to do with the OS. Nothing looks like it's more than just some new bells & whistles. Nothing deserving of an entirely new OS.
    HEY APPLE!!! For the next OS – focus on making the entire system run faster, more smoothly, and just better overall, instead of releasing one with little sparkles here & there. There's NO REASON to keep releasing new OS's so close together, when there's basically no differences between them. Go back to being what Apple USED to be – a company that (while there to make money) also made good products that were deserving of their releases, due to ACTUAL WORTHWHILE updates, not just DATES to release new products/software by. TAKE YOUR TIME & make something good, vs something quickly!

  6. Seems not worth it.. and risky for old macs, seems like Apple trying to slow my mac kind of update.

  7. Super excited about this! That said, i do wish we could change folder colors. A little bit more customization over all.

  8. Been a loyal mac fan since the beginning, BUT I will be leaving the mac. This release looks better and it seems very responsive but Apple has not done enough for those of us who use macs for business and science. The pdfs aren't the same as well as Microsoft office. This sounds trivial until you realize that some documents need to be 100% compatible. 99.5% is not good enough. I wish that preview works the same as other pdf engines and that apple had worked with microsoft to make things truly compatible. I'll keep the mac at home since I like using the OS better.

  9. I have not seen my desktop in 4 years…

  10. How about adding back a usable version of Preview again with working annotations: e.g., spell check and resizeable. Did anybody ask to disable spell checking?

  11. yesss, that dark modo real is good

  12. I miss System 7…. Good ole' days.

  13. I haven't been really excited about a coming MacOS release in a long time. I've been a Mac user since 1990 and an Apple Certified Support Professional in almost every version since 10.3 and this is the first time that I've been excited enough about a new OS release that is coming and had old enough hardware that I think I am actually going to replace my desktop machine just so I can run Mojave. Gotta have Dark Mode in my office!
    It's a Mid-2011 27-inch iMac and just a hair to old to run it. Fortunately my MacBook Pro, a mid-2012, just makes the cut.

  14. I'd be interested to see how the new screenshots app works with multiple monitors? Also has anyone tested the Creative Cloud Apps with it? I seem to remember Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator having some pretty major issues last year (that Adobe were slow to to fix – even given the long MacOS beta development time)?

  15. can you make a video how to back in high sierra? or can you tell me?

  16. Mojave would be much more appealing if Apple's Photos was as robust in terms of metadata, organization, etc. as the final version of iPhoto. Until Photos catches up, it feels like iPhoto Lite.

  17. Still crappy monotone icons in finder window and dialogues, same boring system font. Ooh, a pretty place to spend money! Want dark mode now? Go to System Prefs/Accessibility/ invert colors. Not perfect but easy on the eyes.

  18. I want my reliability back… with high Sierra it’s pretty much hopeless to put my mac on standby, it’ll reboot because of their crappy power management. Very common and well documented problem with high sierra.

  19. Awesome, can’t wait

  20. well i guess apple finally has started caring about mac again

  21. <Linux users laughing>

  22. never anything but aesthetic improvement

  23. Damn. My 2011 macbook dosen't support it 🙁

  24. Looks exciting times ahead

  25. So windows photo viewer comes to macos

  26. Does anyone know when is public beta going to be available?

  27. the dark mode was a very good idea copied from ide's around there. most devs use it.

  28. Dark Mode FTW!… Now they just need to add that to iOS also…

  29. Nice video, keep it up.. 😊

  30. Now whats the difference between Quicklook and Preview?

  31. I like how the new OS looks. I only wish Apple will get new hardware for it. Please redo the keyboard.

  32. Honestly, I don't care about any of these new "features." I'm more concerned with what apps will break with this update. 🙄

  33. I wish the laptop had a usable keyboard. On my Linux Mint I have a dark theme unlike on my OS X or Windows. It is a lot less strain on my eyes.

  34. I'm still on El Capitan and will skip this one as well. There is literally nothing there that you need, as usual.

  35. So when is this coming out.

  36. Been using Mojave for a few days on a 2015 MacBook Pro and it seems pretty stable so far. Love the new dark mode it looks amazing on a Retina display!

  37. Although I don’t like dark mode as I can’t read light text on dark background but it’s good that they have the options to use dark mode as I know that a lot of ppl will love to use it.

  38. Rather see hardware upgrades

  39. We've gone at least one version of MacOS without any significant coverage of how Photos has changed. Would like to see that, as well as some coverage of how Photos has evolved over the last few versions of MacOS.

  40. Am I the only one missing the hype behind dark mode?

  41. This iOS integration and new AppStore is pointing me towards believing that a touchscreen MacBook announcement is due soon.

  42. Can you keep it on dark mode all the time?

  43. Why did you say 2019 for the redesigned Mac App Store? 🤔

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