How 4Kids Censored Yu-Gi-Oh Episode 11-12

How 4Kids Censored Yu-Gi-Oh Episode 11-12

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Part 4:

This video takes a look how episode 11-12 of the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters anime was censored by 4Kids.

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Translation credit: GX_ST

Yu-Gi-Oh! is © Kazuki Takahashi • NAS • TV TOKYO • 4K Media Inc.

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  1. what was done to that cyber commander is a outrage against nature

  2. would have loved to see the other episodes also "uncensored" by you ^^

  3. Say what you want about the dub, but you all know you liked some of the changes 4Kids made

  4. The more I watch this, the more I despise the English Dub, there were some cool changes like Summoned Skull but otherwise the censorship was horrendous. Glad 4kids lost the rights to this show back then.

  5. Yu gi oh was censored alot holy crap

  6. it's so weird.
    I remember watching an uncensored version in german as a kid.
    Like I clearly remember the guns. But When I watched the german dub a few years back again the episodes were all censored.
    These changes are so stupid.

  7. I find these videos very interesting. I didn't grow up in this time era but my dad does have this series on DVD. Looking at this is so weird to me but dad says it was worse I the 80s and 90s. Great video

  8. Autistic Reactions

    For a monster that has only 750 attack points it looks tough with pecs, abs, a gun, bullets wrapped around his chest, and a freaking missile launcher on his shoulder.

  9. i swear white people think everything is offensive…

  10. How 4Kids censored a rock for looking like a rock

  11. Cool, so they cut out all the lore regarding May. And the fact both Joey and Tristan have a little crush on Tea ;).

  12. Mai looks really good in the casino dealer's outfit.

  13. Bruh, this is why I watch the japanese version but with English subtitles.

  14. Joey: That's it!
    shoves 😂

  15. You also missed that they changed the mention of what the food was. The food that Mai brought them was curry but in English they changed it to "potato chips" with Yugi even commenting "Joey why are you putting the potato chips in the pot?"

  16. even as a kid I wasn't fooled by these edits, I knew they were missing guns, I knew Joey and Tristan didn't shove each other, kids aren't as dumb as 4kids thinks they are.

  17. 2021 I'm still hoping for a new episode

  18. Fuck man U.S ruin everything. Religion, inappropriate, offensive etc. That is why Japanese are the best. I don't give a FUCK what everybody say to me. IF EVERYBODY SAY THAT OH BECAUSE IF THE KIDS SEE THIS THEY WILL DO HORRIBLE THING LIKE GAMBLES OR BUY GUNS WELL BECAUSE THEY ARE STUPID. Look at me i watch the movie Scarface when i was 7 years old but i don't do cocaine or buy guns.

  19. Mai a homie for doing her best to guard Tea😩

  20. I think that peeping tom scene shows the big difference when it comes to sexual propriety in Japan compared with the USA.